25 aprile 2006

From Paris to Kathmandu, Long Live the Revolution! May Day Statement by Maoist Communist Party Of Italy

From Paris to Kathmandu
Long Live the Revolution!

The May First 2005 the Pcm - Italia issued the statement "From the resistance to the people's war in the Imperialist countries".

This May First 2006 we see this road made more visible and practicable by the big uprising of the proletarian youth in the banlieues, followed by a powerful student movement against the precariousness. The France and all the imperialist countries have been deeply shaken by those events. We hope they shake also the international communist movement and inside it the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the genuine communists in the imperialist counties so that this May First they pledge to make a big leap to fulfil their role in the new wave of the world proletarian revolution.

Under the leadership of the leadership of the proletariat through its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communist parties the people oppressed by the imperialism advance.

In Nepal the people's war led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), along the path charted by the comrade Prachanda, strategically surrounds the capitol with the new power established in the countryside, sieges and strangles the reactionary regime of King Gyanendra, forcing him to surrender and so opening the road for the seizure of the political power in all the country.

The people's war is contaminates the near India, where the birth of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) open the road for the advance of the people's war in the country that is a giant of the Asian continent and decisive for the world power balance between the imperialism and, on the other hand, the oppressed peoples.

In Peru the people's war led by the Communist party of Peru is progressively overcoming the "bend in the road" and again occupies the political scene, proofing the strength of the Maoism and the contributions given by the Chairman Gonzalo.

In Turkey neither the massacre of the leaders of the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey and North Kurdistan nor the persisting divisions inside the Turkish Marxist-Leninist-Maoist movement do not stop the advance of the road of the people's war pointed out by the historical leader Ibrahim Kappakkaya. On the contrary, in Kurdistan the road of the conciliation is dead and in all the Turkey the rebellion of the Turkish youth lights up.

In the Philippines the coup d'état of the pro-imperialist regime is a boomerang from which the Communist Party of Philippine takes advantage for the advancing of the people's war.

In Asia, Africa, Latin America the people rise up against the imperialism, principally US, and make the US imperialism less and less able to have reliable governments.

In the current epicentre of the world contradictions, Iraq and Middle East, the infinite war waged by the US imperialism sinks in the mood of a new Vietnam, and the genocide ferocity of the Israeli Zionism nourishes a more radical rebellion among the masses. The world campaign "against the terrorism" is reversed by the vibrating shouts of the people: "the liberation struggle is not terrorism!" "The only real terrorism are the bombs of the imperialism!"

The people's wars, the liberation struggle of the people oppressed by the imperialism ask the proletariat of the imperialist countries for the only true support, the genuine expression of the proletarian internationalism: to overthrow the imperialist governments and stats from inside!

We need the winning weapon of the revolutionary war of the proletariat, lead by its organized vanguard detachment, the communist party of new type, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, able to apply to the complex ideological, political and military reality in the imperialist country, the building of the party on the ideological, political and military spheres.

This is the challenge the PCm in Italy began, with a great historical background: the biggest communist movement in the imperialist country founded by Antonio Gramsci and the most significant experiences of people's war in an imperialist country, the antifascist resistance and, during the 70s, the most widespread experience of upholding the way of the revolution.

The Partito Comunista maoista, in its initial phase, opposes the march of the modern fascism and the police state, actual form of the rule of the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie, no matter by whom it is represented, Berlusconi or Prodi-Bertinotti, turning it into a favourable condition for the construction of the communist party in the fire of the class struggle and closely linked with the masses.

Let's bring the red flag of the Maoism in the uprising of the proletarian youth in the banlieues, to transform the uprising in the banlieues into the proletarian revolution, let's support the revolution in Nepal up to the victory, this means to make the May First a red and internationalist day.













Pcm - Italia

Statement by the Maoist Communist Party of Italy on the Nepal Revolution

With the red flag in their hands, the enthusiast masses marching in the streets in Nepal are bending and strangling the regime of Gyanendra, while the people's war uncontainably.

The Pcm-Italia, on behalf of the Italian proletarians and people's masses, embrace the Nepali proletarians and masses and their Party, the Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) guided by the comrade Prachanda.

The Pcm-Italia calls the proletarians and the masses to support the Nepali revolution, to build 10, 100, 1000 Nepal Solidarity Committees.

The revolution is the main tendency. The new wave of the world proletarian revolution is advancing!

Remembering the great teachings by Marx, Lenin and Mao, the PCm states that the best support for the revolution in Nepal is to make the revolution in our own country, the people's war in the heart of the imperialist countries.

Every advance of the revolution in Nepal calls our party to fulfil its tasks and to contribute the unity, from Paris, to Kathmandu, of the two big currents of the world proletarian revolution.


Partito Comunista maoista - Italia

For a big leap in support of Nepali Revolution in Italy

The Nepal Solidarity Committtee partecipate the joy of the Nepali people who for 17 day is challenging, fighting and bending the reactionary regime of king Gyanendra, supported by the India state and the west imperialism. A Nepali journalist form his jail wrote: "I wish to be in the streets to be part of this historical people's Tsunami".

The red flag of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) leads the people struggle uniting the whole people, while the People's Liberation Army led by the CPN(M) surrounds the cities, establishes the red power that controls yet broad parts of the country and guides the masses toward the new Republic of Nepal, a new democratic state marching to the socialism.

The Nepali revolution, between the two giants of the South Asia, shows to the proletarians and the peoples of the world the strength of the people's war, the strength of the genuine communism, the strength of the Maoism, before which the reactionary classes and the imperialism tremble.

Now the news about the Nepal occupy the first page in the newspapers, but the Nepal Solidarity Committees have been since the begin the vehicle to spread information and make this great people's war know and during these years, through meetings, demonstrations, issues, they helped to make closer its liaison with the proletarian and workers vanguards, particularly in the South and among the Cobas.

Inside the Nepal Solidarity Committees, the young comrades organized protests, the women made known the understanding and the organization of their Nepali sisters and comrades involved in the people's war who are turning the Nepali revolution into an inspiring example of the struggle to shatter all the chains.

The Nepal Solidarity Committees made that struggling every day against the wall of silence, the political blindness and the opportunism of the movement against the imperialist globalization in our country and against the parasitic groups, that under various vests try to boycott the proletarian and mass development of the internationalist solidarity with the Nepali people. Now the march of the people's war, the international attention on it, make possible a qualitative, political and organizational big leap.

Let's go to Nepal! Let's contribute to the Nepali revolution! Let's support the call by the Maoist Youth of the Red Block for an international brigade of study, work and solidarity to form up as soon as possible! Let's mobilize the working class the people masses for a political strike in solidarity with the Nepali People in twinship with the prolonged Nepal national strike!

Let's make clear that at the root of the Everest is going on a geopolitical battle that interest not only the proletariat but all the people and our entire country. "Also the future of the Europe depends on the relationship between China and India. That is why we must pay a lot of attention at the small Nepal", the bourgeois press
writes. Well, let' mobilize all the people's and democratic forces in our country so that the new government and the new parliament takes position in favour of the Nepali people, so that they break any relationship with the regime of Gyanendra and support the issue of the Nepali people and the CPN(M) that leads it, getting ready to recognize the democratic republic of Nepal in the hands of the people.

Comitati di solidarietà Nepal

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15 aprile 2006

International meeting in Paris: Draft program and more details

from banlieues rebellion to proletarian revolution

Draft of program and organisational details of the international meeting organized in Paris, the 29th and 30th of April by the Italian and French marxist-leninist-maoist magazines La Nuova Bandiera and Drapeau Rouge with the support of the Secours Rouge (France) and Red Block (Italy)

Draft of program
April 29
11 AM Reception and opening of the meeting
12 AM First intervention by Le Drapeau Rouge - France

Break and buffet

2.30 PM Second intervention by La Nuova Bandiera - Italy


4 PM Interventions and speeches by the representatives of parties and organizations: Peru, Nepal, Turkey, India


7 PM Interventions by the supporting organizations from Italiy and France

Dinner and feast with revolutionary songs

April 30
10 AM Interventions and reports by organizations and comrades from France, imperialist countries, other countries - discussion

Break and Italian food

2.30 PM Conclusions and resolutions

5 PM Ending and internationalist salute

During the days will be possible to have bilateral meetings.
All the attending forces will have table for their papers and issues.
During the program we will read the messages addressed to the meeting, will have speeches dedicated to the martyrs of the people's wars in Turkey, Peru, Nepal and a memorial of the revolutionary militant Joelle Aubron.
The comrades attending are invited to participate the initiaves planned the May First
9.30 AM
Memorial initiative at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in honour of the fallen of the Commune of Paris, the Maoist worker Pierre Overnay, and the Turkish revolutionary director Yilmaz Guney.
12 PM
Internationalist contingent at the demostration for the May First in Paris

Details for the participants
All the organizations and the comrades who want to attend the meeting must necessarily communicate their participation to the email address of the organizers.
Only those who will have previously confirmed their attending will enter the meeting hall.
The participants will provide their stay by themselves.
If they have difficulties they can ask the organiser help, by email.
We cannot contribute your travel costs.
Interventions and translations can be brought directly at the meeting.
The languages of the meeting will be Italian and French, with translation in English.
Massages and intervention by forces not attending directly the meeting should be sent by email to the organizer within the April 25


05 aprile 2006

French Students Statement by PCm-I

Rebellion is justified!
student youth / proletarian youth from the banlieues united in the struggle!
Down the government of De Villepin, down all the imperialist governments, their police State, end modern fascism

Il movimento studentesco nato nel cuore dell'Università della Sorbona, è stato di fatto acceso dallo sgombero violento attuato dallo Stato francese

This March in France a powerful movement of students filled the streets in Paris and the main towns of the country, marching against the CPE, the law that makes easier to sack young people at their first job and legalizes the workers' precariousness and the consistent employers' blackmail, as part of a general attack of the bourgeoisie against the conditions of life of the proletarians and the peopleís masses to improve the profits of the owners in the world inter-imperialistic economical, political, geo-strategic competition.

The movement of the students, born in the heart of the Sorbonne, has been indeed ignited by the violent assault against the occupied university launched by the French State.

The repression does not extinguish the rebellion but feeds it! Through occupied Universities, blockades in the stations and other communication ways, clashes with the police, the movement of the students put itself at the centre of the clash against the De Villepinís government and called to struggle the people's masses.
The uprising of the proletarian youth in the banlieues in the last October/November, that shook the France and compelled the French imperialist State to show its real face and actual project -- a police State and a modern fascism -- had also an influence in the outbreak of the studentsí movement.

The spirit and the ideas of rebellion could not but remain under the skin of the French society and call the whole youth to upraise as soon as an occasion was given.
In France, the modern fascism and the police State "seeded wind and collected storm".
The movement of the student faces not only the cudgel of the State repression but also the sweetened bullets of the "mediations and concessions" whose supporters and megaphones are the agents of the state inside the movement, and particularly the reformist left, from the socialists to the Trotskyites, and the bureaucrats of the official unions.

The proletarian youth from the banlieues, tough lacking organization, project and program, comes once more on to the field, sometimes inside, sometimes aside, sometimes against a few trend in the mass movement of the students, while the black dogs of the reaction bark and seek to suppress them as casseurs to prevent the proletarian youth does infect the student youth and turns the current movement into something of the same sign of the French May 68.

The precariousness and the unemployment, to contrast which the student youth struggle against came on to the fled, already a time before hit the proletarian youth and whole proletariat, but the student movement feeds the general turmoil and move on a field in which the clash is between the classes, because the CPE law is against the whole proletariat and it is a weapon of the class war of the imperialist bourgeoisie against the struggle to defend the class interests of the proletarians.

The student movement and its more radical and militant expressions, face not only the troops of Sarkozy, but also the security teams of the official unions.

This makes more urgent the need to give a class and revolutionary direction to the student movement but also to build a class and militant base organization of the workers. This question has been ever raised in France, but not yet really handled, because of the opportunist line of groups claiming to be revolutionary and communist and because of the pernicious influence of the petty bourgeois revolutionarism that disdains the class and militant organization of the worker as driving belt and necessary tool to direct the economic struggle in function of the struggle to seize the power.

The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists in the imperialist countries, the Partito Comunista maoista -Italia today look at the events in France as an opportunity to focus the development of the proletarian revolution and to realize its first stage, the plan to construct a genuine communist party in the fire of the class struggle and closely linked with the masses.

This drove us to promote and support the international meeting organised by the Italian and French Marxist-Leninist-Maoist magazines La Nuova Bandiera and Le Drapeau Rouge supported by the Italian Maoist youth organization Red Block and the Secours Rouge - France.

It twill take place the April 29-30 and we call the vanguard proletarians and students to participate.

From the proletarian uprising in the banlieues to the proletarian leadership in the students' people's movement, to establish and to give a new beginning of the road of the people's war in the imperialist countries.

For a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution in Europe and all around the world!

Partito Comunista maoista - Italia 4th of April 2006

04 aprile 2006

Let's boycott the elections in Italy! (Resolution of the Central Commitee of the PCm-I)

April 9: Let's boycott the elections in Italy
Let's Unmask the Revisionism and the Opportunism
Let's Advance in the Construction of the Partito Comunista maoista
for the new initiation of the people's war.

Resolution of the Central Commitee of the Partito Comunista maoista - Italia

The general political elections in Italy put one before other two bourgeois coalitions competing for the power, inside the same process of building a modern fascist and police state regime in order to improve the role of the Italian imperialism in the world imperialist competition, in the phase of the infinite war led by the first head of the imperialism, the US.

In the Italian elections, on one hand, we have the coalition of the current government Berlusconi-Bossi-Fini. A three-headed monster: Berlusconi, representing the parasitic financial capitalism; Fini representing the political ranks inheritors of the conservative and farmer Christian Democratic right, strongly linked to the Vatican; Bossi, representing the owners of small and medium industrial firms, the wild capitalism of the richest areas in the north of the country.

Inside this block takes part the majority of the Vatican, under the guide of the new clerical-nazi pope Ratzinger, also by means the UDC party of Casini, the new fascist and new nazi forces; the big crime organizations - mafia, 'ndrangheta and camorra.

This faction of the bourgeoisie combines the defence of the interests of part of the big financial capital and the reactionary mass populism. It projects a form of open personal dictatorship holding a monopolistic control of the media, the centres of the power and, particularly, the suppressive state apparatuses: police, armed forces, magistracy, intelligence.

The other coalition represents the majority of the industrial capitalism and of the Italian trans-national corporations, linked to the EU and the world market, that fear the reactionary march of Berlusconi can punish their interests and the general interest of the imperialist bourgeoisie in the world market and competition. Also this block, in which take part the trade unions, the financial and productive system of the cooperatives, the disadvantaged part of the sate apparatus and the sectors of the southern economic system integrated in the world market, projects an authoritarian form of regime, based on the repressive strengthening of the state apparatus, on the growth of the role of the Italian imperialism in the world chessboard, first in the areas where it has direct interests, the Middle East, the Northern Africa and the Balkans.

On all the decisive aspects, the elements that unite the two coalitions of the imperialist bourgeoisie are more numerous than those divide them and they both aim to be its "business committee" to impose its particular interests as the general interest of the country.

The coalition led by Berlusconi move from a servant alliance with Bush and the US imperialism seeking a particular place under the shadow of the US giant. That is why it participates in the frontline of the war and the occupation of Iraq, upholds the US stand on almost all the world-influencing topics and opposes the solid building of a European imperialistic pole under a French-German leadership.

The coalition led by Prodi does not aim to obstruct the strategic plans and interests of the US imperialism but to moderate their impact, in order to allow Italy to play both the games, combining the liaison with the EU and its own interests in the Mediterranean area. In this sense, neither a coalition or the other actually proposes the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq but rather they compete on how to maintain and strengthen the Italian presence and the relationship with the other countries in Middle East: Israel, Iran, Egypt.

Internally, both the coalitions aim to support the police state and to review the antifascist Constitution. The Berlusconi's coalition openly evaluates the fascism and cancels the Resistance. The Prodi's coalition uphold a modernization that put amongst the relics of the past the antifascist struggle and the form of bourgeois democracy born from the Resistance. Therefore, both the coalitions agree the strengthening of the police forces, the militarization of the country, the laws against the "terrorism" and the migrants.

Also on the ideological and cultural field, both the coalitions make the "family" and the "security" the main levers to preserve and improve the stability of the existing state and system.

As regards the attack against the conditions of life and work of the people's masses, actually the coalitions do not differ: they aim to expand the precariousness, the exploitation, the privatization and reduction of social services, in the context of an ongoing impoverishment of the people's masses, particularly the southern people, the youth and the women. To do this, the Berlusconi coalition aims to build regime-servant trade unions, while the Prodi coalition aims to use the lever of a "concerting consensus", realizing the corporative integration of the unions in the handling of the economics and the State.

As regards the big crime organizations in Southern Italy, Berlusconi aims to make an alliance with them, Prodi aims to a "restricting coexistence" in order to strengthen the role of the Italian capitalism in the world and to defend the interest of the firm-owner from the mafia blackmails.

The assault launched by Berlusconi against the magistracy and the mass media makes these centres of the bourgeois rule a field of a factions' struggle that goes however against the freedom of press and the appearing equality before the law that the bourgeois democracy claims to apply. While Berlusconi openly holds the democratic judges and commentators as enemies Prodi looks at them as elements to keep under control.

The bourgeois electoral competition is the triumph of the parliamentary democracy as form of dictatorship. This time, the system of election is shaped on the rule of the money, of the richness, of the elites of the bourgeois parties and even any appearance of choice for the voters has been cancelled. The incoming elections will be the most antidemocratic ever held in Italy after the World War II.

This system and the general interests of the bourgeoisie make the political ranks competing for the vote more homogeneous and widen the separation between the parties and the masses, between the State and the masses and between the interests of the bourgeois industrial and financial oligarchy and the working class and people's masses.

The parties inheritors of the revisionist CPI, the Rifondazione Comunista Party of Bertinotti and other lesser forces, play the role of the pages in the coalition of Prodi, they seek seats and remainders with few chances to influence the programs. But their role is important and goes over their electoral strength. That is to serve the general interests of the imperialist bourgeoisie and the stability of the of the bourgeois state and system as a whole, through their active mobilizing to include the masses in the support of the centre-left coalition, to reduce their separation from the bourgeois state, to corrupt the ideology, the culture, the character and the organization of the proletarian and people's movements of opposition, to actively oppose in the mass movements every tendency to go beyond the framework of the bourgeois interests and establishment and every form of antagonist, revolutionary and genuinely communist organization.

This way today the reformism serves the march toward the modern fascism.

In this sense, when the principal enemy of the masses appears in their average consciousness be the current government of Berlusconi, the force that even more coherently realizes the interests of the bourgeoisie is the centre-left coalition led by Prodi and the most harmful and dangerous internal enemy is its allied Bertinotti and the so-called "left wing" of the coalition.

The workers' struggle, the uprising the precarious and unemployed people in the South of the country, the movements against the imperialist war and the fascism, the movements of the youth against the bourgeois school, the renewed movement of the women do defend the right of abortion against the assault of the clerical fascists, all the opposition movements that, since the battle of Genoa have been going across our country, in a way sometimes impetuous, sometimes subterraneous, with numerous moments of street fighting, have not any reference in these elections. On the contrary: the more they manage to be autonomous outside and against the two poles of the electoral competition and their agents in the mass movements, the more they advance and become strong

To fight any electoral illusion on the centre-left pole, to turn the separation of the advanced ranks of the proletarians and the masses into active boycott is the political task that the communist in our country have to fulfil and the Partito Comunista maoista, in the initial phase of its construction, do this through the public political battle of "proletari comunisti", of the organizations of the cobas for the class union, of the vanguard and increasing role of the youth organization Red Block and of the contingent of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement. The Partito Comunista maoista ties the struggle of the proletarian movement of our country to the anti imperialist struggle of the people throughout the world, to the support of the Iraqi and Palestinian people, and moreover to the support of the people's wars in Nepal, Peru, Turkey, India, etc, also by means the role of specific committees, as the Nepal solidarity committees. Through this tactics the Partito Comunista maoista serves the strategy of the new initiation of the protracted revolutionary war in an imperialist country like Italy, drawing lesson from the teachings of the glorious antifascist Resistance and of the communist armed vanguards that in our country had their apex in the 70s.

To build the Partito Comunista maoista as organized vanguard detachment of the proletariat, as a communist party of new type in function of the practical waging of the people's war is the current task we fulfil and bring as direction also inside the current electoral campaign.

Against the existence and the role that the Partito Comunista maoista plays and will play in the initial phase of its construction the imperialist bourgeoisie and the revisionism indeed rely on the forces and the groups of the opportunism, the new revisionism, the economistic and petty bourgeois revolutionary movementism. In all the imperialist countries and inside the international communist movement itself, they are the enemies of the construction of a genuine Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party and, therefore, they obstruct the real tasks the communists have to fulfil today in the world, in the fire of the class struggle, closely linked with the masses.

In Italy a role particularly negative is played by a force that claims itself Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, the (n)PCI/Carc, that upholds the
participation in the election and the support of the Prodi-Bertinotti alliance in the form of voting for the party of the latter.

This policy diverts the communist vanguards and the advanced proletarians from their actual tasks, corrupts their ideology and praxis and finally proposes the construction of the party based on the importance of forming up "communists lists". A party based on the understanding of a bookish and propagandistic communism, a communism ex cathedra that is combined with a revisionism in the practice that damages not only our party but also any Marxist-Leninist-Maoist political standing in our country. The repressive attacks and judicial manoeuvres against this organization reflect the need of the bourgeoisie to hit an appearing enemy to hit and exorcize the real one: the construction of the communist party and the militant struggle in an imperialist country. The propagandistic use of the repressive attacks and a claimed constitution of a n(PCI) is the last attempt in the Italian and international communist movement to dim, oppose and hide the new reality for our country and generally for the imperialist countries that is the birth and initial construction in the fire of the class struggle and closely linked with the masses of the Partito Comunista maoista.

The electoral circus of the bourgeoisie needs clowns of every kind.
The class struggle, the thunder of the new initiation, though tortuous and difficult, will sweep them all.

Active boycott the elections the April 9!
Elections NO, people's war YES!

03 aprile 2006

Boycotter les elections italiennes du 9 avril! (Reslution du comité centrale du PCm Italie)

Boycotter les elections italiennes du 9 avril
Démasquer la revisionisme et l’opportunisme
Avancer dans la construction du Parti Communiste maoiste
en function du nouveau début du guerre populaire

Resolution du Comité Central du Parti Communiste maoiste - Italie

Les elections politiques generales en Italie visent s’affronter deux déploiements du bourgeoise que ils contendont-soi la gouvernement et la pouvoir, dans l’interne du meme processus de construction d’un regime de moderne fascisme et d’Etat de police pour affirmer la role du imperialisme italien dans la querelle imperialiste mondiel, dans la phase du guerre infinite que l’imperialisme EE.UU.A., chef de file du imperialisme, il conduit.

Une des deux poles du querelle electorel est l’actuel gouvernement Berlusconi-Bossi-Fini, un gouvernement « montre à trois tetes ».

Berlusconi, comme representant du capital financier parasitaire, Fini comme representant du rang politique hereditée de la droite conservatoire et deja democristaine avec forts liees avec la Vaticano, Bossi comme representant des industrielles du petite et moyen industrie du capitalisme sauvage des zones les plus riches du pays.

Il est au interne de ce bloc que ils se ridefinient: - bonne part du Vatican sous la guide du nouveau papa clerique-naziste Ratzinger, aussi pour la intermediation du Udc de Casini - les forces du neo-fascisme et de neo-nazisme, - la grand criminalité du sud Italie (mafie, ‘ndrangheta et camorra).

Ce faction du bourgeoise unie les interets d’une part du grand capital financier avec la populisme reactionaire de masse. Son project il est une forme de dictateur personnel ouverte avec la control momopolistique des mass-media, des centres internes du pouvoir et en particuler du apparaît d’état repressive, la policie, les forces armées, la magistrature, les Services secrets.

L’outre pole il est representée par la majorité du capital industriel et des multinationels italiennes les plus liees au Europe et au marché mondiel que il crainde que la marche reactionaire de Berlusconi il peut penaliséer leur interets et l’interet general du bourgeoise imperialiste dans la marché mondiel et dans la competition mondial. Ce bloc que il comprend aussi les syndicat, la systeme productive financier du cooperation, les partes penalisées du apparait dìétat et les secteur du economie méridional les plus integrées dans la marché mondial, mire aussi meme ad une forme de regime authoritaire que il cependant fasse pression sur la renforcement repressive du apparait étatal, sur la croissance du role du imperialisme italien dans la échiquier mondiel et surtout en celle en qui il a un interet directe, la Moyen Orient, la nord Afrique, les Balcans.

Sur toutes les themes decisives, les elements que unient les deux poles du bourgeoise imperialiste, il sont prevalents des celles que separent-leur, et les deux ils ne voulent etre la « comité d’affairs » pour affirmer les interets particulaires du bourgeoise imperialiste comme interets generals du Pays.

La pole berlusconien il fait pression sur une alliance vassale avec l’imperialisme americain et l’administration Bush pour trouver une son espace particuler dans l’ombre du « géant » EE.UU.A., pour ce motif il prend part en premiere ligne au guerre et au occupation de l’Iraq, il soutien la position des EE.UU.A. presque sur touts les themes mondials et il contraste l’edification solide d’un pole imperialiste europeen à hégémonye franc-alemanne.

La pole Prodi il n’intend pas contraster les mires et les interets strategiques du imperialisme americain mais modérer ses consequences pour permetre au Italie de jouer sur deux tables, conjuguer mieux la lien europeen et les interets propres du mediterranéen. Dans ce direction, aucunne des deux poles il est pour la retrait effective des soldies de l’Iraq, au contraire ils se contendont la façon meilleur pour mantenir et renforcer la presence en Iraq et les liens avec les autres payses du Moyen Orient, Israel, Iran, Egypte.

Sur la plan interne, les deux sont pour l’état de police, la revision du actuel Constitution antifasciste. La pole berlusconien il va jusq’ua une revalutation du fascisme et une cancellation du Resistance, la polo Prodi il ne soutien au contraire une modernisation que il archive entre les faits historiques du passée la lutte antifasciste et la forme de democratie bourgeoise né de la Resistance. Par conséguent, les deux poles sont d’accord dans la renforcement du police, dans la militarisation du territoire, les lois antiterrorisme et anti-immigrates.

Aussi dans la front ideologuique et culturel les deux poles ils font du ‘fameille’ et de ‘securité’ une anneau-clé pour la conservation et affirmation du estabilité d’Etat et du systeme existante.

Sur la plan du attaque aux conditions de vie et de travail des proletaires et des masses populaires, la querelle entre les deux poles il est un bluff. Les deux soutenont la precarité, l’intensification du exploitation, la privatisation et la decurtation des services sociales, dans un cadre de appauvrissement des masses populaires, en particuler meridionelles, juveniles et féminin. La pole de Berlusconi il mire, pour realiser ce, au construction d’un syndacalisme de regime, pendant que la pole Prodi.il fait pression sur la concertation consensuel que il porte dans les faits au integration corporative des syndicats dans la gestion du economie et Etat.

Respect au grande criminalité meridionel, Berlusconi il est pour l’alliance, Prodi pour la « convivance restrictive » pour renforcer la role du capital italien dans la monde et protéger les interets industriels des tangents mafioses.

L’attaque au magistrature et mass-media declancée par Berlusconi il rend ces deux centres du domination du bourgeoise, comme terrain de une factieux querelle que cependant il contraste avec la libre information et la simulation des lois egales pour touts, que la systeme du democratie bourgeoise il pretend affirmer. En ce sens aussi les magistrats democratiques et les journalistes democratiques sont considerées des ennemies, par Berlusconi, et des sujets de tenir sous control et de limiter, par Prodi.

La querelle electorel bourgeoise il est la trionphe du democratie parlamentaire comme forme du dictateur. La systeme d’election il est au insigne du domination du argent, du richesse, des cliques des parties bourgeoises, effacont ce fois aussi chaque parvance de posible choix par les electeurs. En ce sens sont les elections plus anti-democratiques que se soient tenues en Italie depuis àpres-guerre à aujourd’hui.

Ce systeme electoral et les interets generals du bourgeoise il rendont homogène la rang politique que il se contend la vote et il accentue la separation entre parties et masses, entre Etat et masses, et entre interets du oligarquie industriel et financier et politique du bourgeoise et la classe ouvriere et les masses populaires.

Les partier heredes du Pci revisioniste, representées par Refondation Communiste de Bertinotti et autres parties minoritaries du meme area, ont une function de vassalée du pole Prodi, de recherche d’éspaces et mièttes, de petite importance pour exerciter une pression sur les programmes. Leur effectiv role il est toutefois important et il va outre la resultat electorel, et il est celle de servir les interets generales du bourgeoise imperialiste et la stabilité du systeme bourgeoise dans son complexe, à travers une active mobilitation pour l’implication du masses dans la soutien au coalition de centre-gauche, atténuer la distance de l’état bourgeoise, corrompre ideologie, culture, nature et organisation des mouvements de opposition proletaire et populaire, contraster actievement chaque tendance des mouvements de masse à sortir du cadre des interets et institutions bourgeoises et chaque forme de organisation antagoniste, revolutionaire et autentiquement communiste.

Aussi aujourd’hui la reformisme serve l’affirmation du moderne fascisme.

En ce sens, si la ennemi principal du masses il apparaît au leur normal conscience, l’actuel gouvernement Berlusconi, la force que realise les interets du bourgeoise encore plus en plus coerentement il est l’actuel coalition de centre-gauche conduite par Prodi et l’ennemi interne la plus insidieux et mauvais il est son alliée Bertinotti et l’aile soi-disant « gauchiste » du coalition.

Les luttes ouvrieres, les revoltes des secteurs des precaires et chomeurs du sud, les mouvements contre la guerre imperialiste et la fascisme, les mouvements du jeunesse contre lìechole du classe, la nouveau mouvement deux femmes contre l’attaque au droite d’abort par la clerique-fascisme, les mouvements de opposition democratique dans la secteur du mass-media et du culture, touts ces que traversent depuis Genoa 2001 en avant, en maniere soit impetueuse soit enterreuse notre pays avec nombreux moments de dur engagement dans les places, n’ont pas donc aucunne berge electorel en ces elections, au contraire ils avancent et renforcent-soi dans la misure en qui ils sont capables d’etre autonomes dehors et contre les deux poles du querelle parlamentaire et leurs agents dans la mouvement de masse.

Combatre les illusions electorels sur la pole de centre-gauche, transformer la separation des secteurs avancées des proletaires et du masses en active boycot, il est la devoir politique que il apparait aux communistes du notre pays et que la Parti Communiste maoiste dans son initiel phase de construction rempli avec la propagande et l’agitation et la role exempler de direction et indication en quelques des luttes et experiences de engagement du classe contre la bourgeoise. La Parti Communiste maoiste realise ce travail à travers la bataille politique publique du ‘proletaries communistes’, l’organisation du Cobas pour la syndicat du classe, la role croisant et d’avangarde du organisation juvénile Red Block et du contingent du Mouvement femministe proletaire revolutionnaire. La Parti Communiste maoiste insére et lie la lutte du mouvement proletaire du notre pays aux lutte antimperialiste des peuples, avec la soutien aux resistance iraquenne et palestinienne et surtout avec la soutien aux guerres populaires, Nepal, Perou, Turquie, Inde, ecc., aussi à travers la role des comitées specifiques, celles les Comitées Solidarité Nepal. A travers ce tactique la Parti Communiste maoiste serve la strategie du nouveau début du guerre revolutionnaire de longue durée dans un pays imperialiste comme l’Italie, que il fait trésor des enseignements du glorieuse Resistance antifasciste et des avangardes communistes revolutionnaires du notre pays, que ont aù leur apogée dans les ans ’70.

Construire la Parti Communiste maoiste comme repart d’avangarde organisée du classe ouvriere, construir-lui comme Parti Communiste de nouveau type en function du conduction pratique du guerre populaire il est devoir actuel que déroulons et que portons comme indication aussi aux interne du actuel campagne electoral.

Contre la presence et la role que developpe et veut dérouler la Parti Communiste maoiste dans la phase initiel du sa construction, la bourgeoise imperialiste et la revisionisme font en realité grand confiée sur les forces et les gruppes du opportunisme, du neorevisionisme, du mouvementisme economiciste et du revolutionarisme petit-bourgeoise, ennemies en touts les payses imperialistes et dans la sein du meme mouvement communsiste international, de chaque construction authentique du parti communiste marxiste-leniniste-maoiste, et, par consequence, du devoirs effectifs que revenont aujourd’hui aux communistes du monde dans la feu du lutte de classe, en étroit lien avec les masses.

En Italie aujourd’hui déroule un role particulerement negatif la formation soi-disant aussi elle parti communiste marxiste-leniniste-maoiste, la (n)Pci/Carc, que se batte pro la soutien et la partecipation aux elections et la soutien au alliance Prodi/Bertinotti dans la forme du vote au parti de Bertinotti.

Ce politique détourne les avangardes communistes et les proletaires avancées des les devoirs effectifs, il ne corrompe l’ideologie et la praxis et il arrive jusq’ua à propoire la construction du parti fondée sur la importance du formation des ‘Listes communistes’. Un parti fondée sur une conception livresque et propagandistique du communisme , un communisme de « chaire » à lequel correpond un revisionisme dans la pratique que il damage l’affirmation, ne pas seul du notre Parti, mais aussi d’une politique marxiste-leniniste-maoiste dans notre pays. L’attque repressive et les montures judiciaires contre ce organisation repondont aux exigences du bourgeoise d’attaquer un ennemi apparent pour attaquer et exorciser un ennemi reel, la construction du parti communiste et la lutte militant dans un pays imperialiste. L’utilisation propagandiste du operation repressive et d’une soi-disant constitution d’une (n)Pci clandestine il est la dernieré tentative dans la mouvement communiste italien et international de obscurcir, contraster et cacher la nouveauté representée dans notre payses et dans les payses en general du naissance, presence et construction initiel dans la feu du lutte de classe en détroit lien du Parti Communiste maoiste avec les masses.

La cirque electorel du bourgeoise il a necesité de chaque type de clown.
La lutte de classe, les salves du nouveau début, pour combien il soit dificile et tortueux, balayeront la voie soit d’une soit des autres.

Boycot active du election du 9 avril !
Elections NO, guerre populaire OUI !

02 aprile 2006

Boicottare le elezioni! (Risoluzione del Comitato Centrale del PCm-I)

Boicottare le elezioni italiane del 9 aprile
smascherare il revisionismo e l’opportunismo
avanzare nella costruzione del Partito Comunista maoista
in funzione del nuovo inizio della guerra popolare.

Risoluzione del Comitato Centrale del Partito Comunista maoista - Italia

Le elezioni politiche generali in Italia vedono di fronte due schieramenti della borghesia che si contendono il governo e il potere, all’interno dello stesso processo di costruzione di un regime di moderno fascismo e di Stato di polizia per affermare il ruolo dell’imperialismo italiano nella contesa imperialista mondiale, nella fase della guerra infinita portata avanti dal capofila dell’imperialismo, l’imperialismo Usa.

I due poli della contesa elettorale sono da un lato l’attuale governo Berlusconi-Bossi-Fini. Un governo “mostro-a-tre-teste”.

Berlusconi come rappresentante del capitale finanziario parassitario, Fini come rappresentante del ceto politico ereditato della destra conservatrice ed ex democristiana con forti legami col Vaticano, Bossi come rappresentate degli industriali della piccola e media industria del capitalismo selvaggio delle zone più ricche del nord del paese.

E’ all’interno di questo blocco che si ricollocano buona parte del Vaticano sotto la guida del nuovo papa clerico-nazista Ratzinger, anche per il tramite della Udc di Casini, le forze del neofascismo e del neonazismo, la grande criminalità del sud Italia - mafia, ‘ndrangheta e camorra.

Questa fazione della borghesia unisce gli interessi di una parte del grande capitale finanziario e il populismo reazionario di massa. Il suo progetto è una forma di dittatura personale aperta con il controllo monopolistico dei mass media, dei gangli del potere e in particolare dell’apparato statale repressivo, polizia, forze armate, magistratura, Servizi segreti.

L’altro Polo è rappresentato dalla maggioranza del capitale industriale e delle multinazionali italiane più legate all’Europa e al mercato mondiale che teme che la marcia reazionaria di Berlusconi possa penalizzare i loro interessi e l’interesse generale della borghesia imperialista nel mercato mondiale e nella contesa mondiale. Questo blocco che comprende anche i sindacati, il sistema produttivo finanziario delle cooperative, le parti penalizzate dell’apparato statale e i settori dell’economia meridionale più integrati nel mercato mondiale, punta anch’esso ad una forma di regime autoritario che faccia leva comunque sul rafforzamento repressivo dell’apparato statale, sulla crescita del ruolo dell’imperialismo italiano nello scacchiere mondiale e in primo luogo in quello in cui ha interesse diretto, il Medio Oriente, il nord Africa, i Balcani.

Su tutti i temi decisivi gli elementi che uniscono i due poli della borghesia imperialista sono maggiori di quelli che li dividono ed entrambi ne vogliono essere il ‘comitato d’affari’ per affermare gli interessi particolari della borghesia imperialista come interessi generali del Paese.

Il polo berlusconiano fa leva su un’alleanza vassalla con l’imperialismo americano e l’amministrazione Bush per trovare un suo spazio particolare all’ombra del “gigante” Usa; per questo partecipa in prima fila alla guerra e all’occupazione dell’Irak, sostiene la posizione degli Usa pressoché su tutti i temi mondiali e contrasta l’edificazione solida di un polo imperialista europeo ad egemonia franco-tedesca.

Il polo Prodi non intende contrastare le mire e gli interessi strategici dell’imperialismo americano ma temperarne le conseguenze per permettere all’Italia di giocare sui due tavoli, coniugando meglio legame europeo e interessi propri del mediterraneo. In questo senso, nessuno dei due poli è per il ritiro effettivo del soldati dall’Irak, anzi si contendono il modo migliore per mantenere e rafforzare la presenza in Irak e i legami con gli altri paesi del Medio Oriente, Israele, Iran, Egitto.

Sul piano interno, entrambi sono per lo Stato di polizia, la revisione dell’attuale Costituzione antifascista. Il polo berlusconiano si spinge fino ad una rivalutazione del fascismo e una cancellazione della Resistenza; il polo Prodi ne sostiene invece una modernizzazione che metta tra i cimeli del passato la lotta antifascista e la forma di democrazia borghese nata dalla Resistenza. Quindi i due poli concordano nel rafforzamento della polizia, la militarizzazione del territorio, le leggi antiterrorismo e antimmigrati.

Anche sul fronte ideologico e culturale i due poli fanno della ‘famiglia’ e della ‘sicurezza’ un anello chiave per la conservazione e affermazione della stabilità dello Stato e del sistema esistente.

Sul piano dell’attacco alle condizioni di vita e di lavoro dei proletari e delle masse popolari, la contesa tra i due poli e una non-contesa. Entrambi sostengono la precarietà, l’intensificazione dello sfruttamento, la privatizzazione e il taglio dei servizi sociali, in un quadro di immiserimento delle masse popolari, in particolare meridionali, giovanili e femminili. Il polo di Berlusconi punta, per realizzare questo, alla costruzione di un sindacalismo di regime, mentre il polo Prodi fa leva sulla concertazione consensuale che realizzi nei fatti l’integrazione corporativa dei sindacati nella gestione dell’economia e dello Stato.

Rispetto alla grande criminalità meridionale, Berlusconi è per l’alleanza, Prodi per la “convivenza restrittiva” per rafforzare il ruolo del capitale italiano nel mondo e salvaguardare gli interessi industriali dalle tangenti mafiose.

L’attacco alla magistratura e ai mass media operato da Berlusconi rende questi due centri del dominio della borghesia terreno di contesa faziosa che comunque contrasta con l’informazione libera e la parvenza di leggi uguali per tutti che il sistema della democrazia borghese pretende di affermare. In questo senso anche i magistrati democratici e i giornalisti democratici sono considerati dei nemici da parte di Berlusconi, e dei soggetti da tenere sotto controllo e limitare da parte di Prodi.

La contesa elettorale borghese è il trionfo della democrazia parlamentare come forma della dittatura. Il sistema di elezione è all’insegna del dominio del denaro, della ricchezza, delle cupole dei partiti borghesi, cancellando questa volta anche ogni parvenza di scelta da parte degli elettori. In questo senso sono le elezioni più antidemocratiche che si siano tenute in Italia dal dopoguerra ad oggi.

Questo sistema elettorale e gli interessi generali della borghesia rendono omogeneo il ceto politico che si contende il voto e accentua il distacco tra partiti e masse, tra Stato e masse e tra interessi dell’oligarchia industriale e finanziaria e politica della borghesia e la classe operaia e le masse popolari.

I partiti eredi del Pci revisionista, rappresentati da Rifondazione Comunista di Bertinotti e altri partiti minori della stessa area svolgono una funzione di vassallaggio del polo Prodi, di ricerca di spazi e briciole, di scarsa rilevanza per incidere sui programmi. Il loro effettivo ruolo é però importante e va oltre il risultato elettorale; è quello di servire gli interessi generali della borghesia imperialista e la stabilità dello stato e del sistema borghese nel suo complesso, attraverso un’attiva mobilitazione per coinvolgere le masse nel sostegno alla coalizione di centro-sinistra, attenuarne il distacco dallo Stato borghese, corrompere ideologia, cultura, natura e organizzazione dei movimenti di opposizione proletaria e popolare, contrastare attivamente ogni tendenza dei movimenti di massa ad uscire dal quadro degli interessi e delle istituzioni borghesi e ogni forma di organizzazione antagonista, rivoluzionaria e autenticamente comunista.

Così oggi il riformismo serve l’affermazione del moderno fascismo.

In questo senso se il nemico principale delle masse appare alla loro coscienza media l’attuale governo Berlusconi, la forza che realizza gli interessi della borghesia ancor più coerentemente è l’attuale coalizione di centrosinistra guidata da Prodi e il nemico interno più insidioso e dannoso è il suo alleato Bertinotti e l’ala cosiddetta “sinistra” della coalizione.

Le lotte operaie, le rivolte dei settori dei precari e disoccupati del sud, i movimenti contro la guerra imperialista e il fascismo, i movimenti della gioventù contro la scuola di classe, il rinato movimento delle donne contro l’attacco al diritto d’aborto del clericofascismo, i movimenti di opposizione democratica nel campo dei mass media e cultura, che attraversano da Genova in poi in maniera ora impetuosa ora sotterranea il nostro paese con numerosi momenti di duro scontro nelle piazze, non hanno quindi nessuna sponda elettorale in queste elezioni, anzi avanzano e si rafforzano nella misura in cui riescono ad essere autonomi fuori e contro i due poli della contesa parlamentare e i loro agenti nel movimento di massa.

Combattere le illusioni elettorali sul polo di centrosinistra, trasformare il distacco dei settori avanzati dei proletari e delle masse in attivo boicottaggio è il compito politico che tocca ai comunisti del nostro paese e che il Partito Comunista maoista nella sua iniziale fase di costruzione assolve con la propaganda e l’agitazione e il ruolo esemplare di direzione e di indicazione in alcune delle lotte e di alcune esperienze di scontro di classe con la borghesia. Il Partito Comunista maoista realizza questo lavoro attraverso la battaglia politica pubblica di ‘proletari comunisti’, l’organizzazione dei Cobas per il sindacato di classe, il ruolo crescente e d’avanguardia dell’organizzazione giovanile Red Block e del contingente del Movimento femminista proletario rivoluzionario. Il Partito Comunista maoista inserisce e lega la lotta del movimento proletario del nostro paese alla lotta antimperialista dei popoli, con il sostegno alla resistenza irakena e palestinese e soprattutto con il sostegno alle guerre popolari, Nepal, Perù, Turchia, India, ecc., anche attraverso il ruolo di comitati specifici, quali i Comitati Solidarietà Nepal. Attraverso questa tattica il Partito Comunista maoista serve la strategia del nuovo inizio della guerra rivoluzionaria di lunga durata in un paese imperialista come l’Italia, che fa tesoro degli insegnamenti della gloriosa Resistenza antifascista e delle avanguardie comuniste rivoluzionarie armate del nostro paese, che hanno avuto il loro auge negli anni ‘70.

Costruire il Partito Comunista maoista come reparto d’avanguardia organizzato della classe operaia, costruirlo come Partito Comunista di tipo nuovo in funzione della conduzione pratica della guerra popolare è compito attuale che svolgiamo e che portiamo come indicazione anche all’interno dell’attuale campagna elettorale.

Contro la presenza e il ruolo che svolge e intende svolgere il Partito Comunista maoista nella fase iniziale della sua costruzione, la borghesia imperialista e il revisionismo fanno in realtà grande affidamento sulle forze e i gruppi dell’opportunismo, del neorevisionismo, del movimentismo economicista e del rivoluzionarismo piccolo borghese, nemici in tutti i paesi imperialisti e in seno allo stesso movimento comunista internazionale di ogni costruzione autentica del partito comunista marxista-leninista-maoista e, di conseguenza, dei compiti effettivi che spettano oggi ai comunisti nel mondo nel fuoco della lotta di classe, in stretto legame con le masse.

In Italia oggi svolge un ruolo particolarmente negativo la formazione che si definisce anch’essa partito comunista marxista-leninista-maoista, il (n)Pci/Carc, che propugna il sostegno e la partecipazione alle elezioni e il sostegno all’alleanza Prodi/Bertinotti nella forma del voto al partito di Bertinotti.

Questa politica distoglie le avanguardie comuniste e i proletari avanzati dai compiti effettivi, ne corrompe l’ideologia e la prassi e arriva fino a proporre la costruzione del partito fondata sulla importanza della formazione di ‘Liste comuniste’. Un partito fondato su una concezione da comunismo libresco e propagandistico, un comunismo da ‘cattedra’ a cui corrisponde un revisionismo nella pratica che danneggia l’affermazione non solo del nostro Partito, ma anche di una politica marxista-leninista-maoista nel nostro paese. L’attacco repressivo e le montature giudiziarie verso questa organizzazione rispondono alle esigenze della borghesia di attaccare un nemico apparente per attaccare ed esorcizzare un nemico reale, la costruzione del partito comunista e la lotta militante in un paese imperialista. L’uso propagandistico dell’operazione repressiva e di una presunta costituzione di un (n) Pci clandestino é l’ultimo tentativo nel movimento comunista italiano e internazionale di offuscare, contrastare e nascondere la novità rappresentata nel nostro paese e nei paesi imperialisti in generale della nascita presenza e costruzione iniziale nel fuoco della lotta di classe in stretto legame con le masse del Partito Comunista maoista.

Il circo elettorale della borghesia ha bisogno di ogni tipo di clown.
La lotta di classe, le salve del nuovo inizio, per quanto difficile e tortuoso, spazzeranno via sia l’uno che gli altri.

Boicottaggio attivo delle elezioni del 9 aprile!
Elezioni NO, guerra popolare SI!