21 aprile 2008

May first joint declaration by Maoist Parties (Italy, France and Turkey / North Kurdistan) in English

Against imperialism, against modern fascism, struggle, organize and construct the party

On this 1st May imperialism is on the defensive as it confrontes with the peoples' resistance in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kurdistan and all over the world. Bush's infinity war hasn't succeed. The imperialist economic and financial crisis will be discharged on proletarians and the poorest popular masses, misery and hunger expand also, but also the revolt expand against the hunger and misery guided by the working class, from Egypt to Tunisia, from Philippines to India and Vietnam.

Peoples' war continues and are confronted with particular situations in each country. In Nepal peoples' war advances and trough the political struggle too, Maoists gain elections and march towards a revolution of a new democracy. In Peru and Turkey the peoples' war reorganize itself so as to retake new impulse. People's war advances in India, in south Asia trough the constitution of new Maoist parties (Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc.) too.

Contradictions among imperialist grow and imperialist Europe looks forward its political-military union so as to be stronger and more influent in the competition for energy, market, control of raw materials, and the new ascending powers, India and China.

In the European countries advances in different forms the attack against the life and work conditions of proletarians, proletarian masses; racism and xenophobia advance, attacks also by clerical against women, class reforms of the school, cut in social spending, lodgements, precarisation of labour and life.

In Italy and France a tendency toward the regime advances; it develops a modern fascism and police's state, of which Sarkozy and Berlusconi are a clear model.

The imperialist state develops repression against popular struggles, develops a security politics militarizing the suburbs, while put in practise the criminalization of revolutionary communist forces.

In front of all this, reformist parties, the official trade union leadership try to promote themselves as opponents, but in the essence they converge and support the government plans in every field.

Against this situation the proletarians and the masses develop a fighting movement.

In France the social revolt of the "banlieues" smoulders every day under the ashes through frequent explosions. In the factories in France and in Italy there is a strike movement for better salaries, defence of pensions, against precariousness, production delocalization that origins dismissals. In France there is a good renewal of student movement that returns on the struggle of the antiCpe movement; so as the "sans papier" struggles and all the social sectors are moving. In Italy has retaken vigour the women movement with huge demonstrations against sexual violence and clerico-fascist attacks to the law of abortion. In Naples a strong popular mass opposition continues against the state and national and local governments which have provoked the "rubbish crisis" and the grave attack to the health and life of population. Continues the popular protests against the extension works of the USA's base of Vicenza. So as in all Europe there is a development of workers struggles, in Germany, in Italy and first of all in the east European countries, Poland, Rumania, and also Russia.

In this situation which are the tasks of the, authentically revolutionary, Maoist communist parties?
  • To advance in their building/construction amid the fire of class struggle strictly linked with the masses.
  • To intervene on the basis of the concrete analysis of the concrete situation so as to be linked to the workers
  • vanguards and of the mass movement.
  • To construct base organisms for the class syndicate and their coordination.
  • To install amid the rebel youth of the imperialist banlieues, constructing youth revolutionary organisms.
  • To give support and orientation to the student struggles, immigrants, lodgement occupants, to the popular struggles on the territories against military bases, pollution and environmental deterioration.
  • Strengthen and expand women's struggles, constructing a revolutionary proletarian feminist movement.
  • To struggle against repression, in developing campaigns and Red Aid organisms.
  • On the international level to support all antimperialist struggles and peoples' wars.
  • To contribute to a new unity among communist parties on the basis on the proletarian internationalism, the assertion of Marxism-Leninism Maoism, the path to revolution.

Communist Party Maoist-Italy
Communist Party Maoist-France
Communist Party Maoist-Turkey North Kurdistan
1st May 2008