31 marzo 2008

Statement by The Cobas for the Class Union on the elections in Italy

In occasion of the forthcoming electoral competition, the workers of the Slai Cobas for the Class Union stress several basic points.

None of the parties currently represented in the Parliament, neither of the centre-left or the centre-right coalition, while were at in the government defended the interests of workers and people’s masses concerning the problems they had.

The so-called “Biagi” law, that generalized the workers precariousness at favour of the owners, was made by the Berlusconi’s government and substantially maintained by the Prodi’s government.

The cut of the wages and families earnings, because of the high cost of living was serious under the Berlusconi’s government and became worse and worse under the Prodi’s government.

Nothing has been done in order to improve the conditions of the youth, in the schools, the neighbourhoods, the work places or the every day life and even less has been done for the working women, precarious or unemployed. On the contrary, the attacks against them has worsened also in the sphere of their freedom and rights along with the increasing homicides inside the families, rapes and sexual nuisance, attacks against the right of abortion.

Under the centre-right as well as the centre-left governments the number of the so-called “white murders” of the workers on the work place, the professional diseases and the environment pollution grew up, the social services, the health-care and the waste processing worsened.

In the essence, they foreign policies were similar, subordinated to the US interests, along with military interventions and increasing military expenses, as well as their internal policies, along with the so-called
“security-packages” the anti-migrants policies, the unjust justice and forms of police State.

Therefore, the workers of the Slai Cobas for the Class Union do not support neither Berlusconi or Veltroni, nor they trust the demagogic and reactionary rightist forces or the other “left” forces participating the Berlusconi’s or Prodi’s government.

We call to struggle and organize do defend the wages, work conditions for a radical change of the actual state of the things, for a political and social mass revolution that will bring a worker government and the power in the hands of the people’s masses.

Slai Cobas for the Class Union.