04 settembre 2006

1st September [Enthusiastic demonstartion on Nepal Revolution in Maoist Camp]

Maoist Communist Party Of Italy
PCm- Italy inform

An enthusiastic and strong meeting has realized in Maoist camp- Red block Italy for supporting peoples war in Nepal in occasion of international day of action of 2nd September.

The event begun in evening of 31 august with a concert of Kalamu group -italian folk music a big panel " hail people's war in Nepal" , a big flag of Mao and a running over music demonstrates as youth and peoples in italy support revolutionary struggle in Nepal !

On the first september the maoist camp changed to a "Nepal camp" with flags, pictures, Nepalese music and in the evening the meeting after Red block presentation and reading of 2 september call by Nepal solidarity commitees, a large intervention of Nepal comrade explain today's situation in Nepal, advance of people's war, political struggle, accords and actions for the peoples demand, struggle against imperialism interference and intervention etc.

After intervention , greetings and interventions of workers, youth, women, political prisoners, and - very important - turkish comrades, french comrades (about them, students and militants of Nanterre University in Paris 'banlieu uprising and anti-CPE movement 'activists) and finally the Maoist Communist Party Of Italy [PCm - Italy] conclusion and call for proletarian internationalism and the collective and high song of "L'internazionale". The evening continued with a solidarity dinner and a new concert of 'Jovine' group.

A very very good meeting for a big "2nd september action international day!