08 marzo 2008

8th March International Women's Day

Throughout Italy, proletarian women and the feminist movement will demonstrate in a thousand different forms, from the women worker's strike to street demonstrations to defend the right of abortion and all women rights that everyday are under attack by the bourgeoisie, by its governments and its parties; they fight against the attack on their life and labour conditions because they are the first to be sacked, to live in precariousness and unemployed; they fight against the high cost of living, and cuts to social services that makes their life really difficult and pushes them in a double oppression; they fight against the more intensified sexual violence within the family and originated by the new and old forms of domination and male chauvinist-patriarchal oppression; they fight against the clerical fascist attack to the right of abortion inspired by pope Ratzinger and sustained in different forms by centre-right parties as well as by the centre-left.

Against all this they have demonstrated, latest 24th November, in hundreds of thousands; they have isolated and ejected away from the parade the falsely left minister women of the Prodi government and of the centre-right parties and for this they have been attacked as "violent" or even "terrorist".

The reformist forces and leaders of the middle and petty bourgeoisie have tried to make this movement compatible to the system during the big assembly of 12th January and the two days workshop, but the majority of women and feminist organizations, and among these are a lot of young women, have rejected this embrace.

Just from the start women have found in the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement a point of reference which can defend and support their most radical reasons and struggles to unite women workers and proletarians and feminist movement so as to advance in the struggle, in the conscience and at organizational level.

This way has united new energies to the proletarian and revolutionary tendency in the women movement.

This advance confirms, in the fire of class struggle and strictly linked to the masses, the capacity of proletarian communists of the Maoist Communist Party in Italy to elaborate the concrete analysis of the concrete situation, to develop the mass line, to identify and develop the concrete path to unchain the fury of the women as powerful strength of revolution in an imperialist country as Italy is.

Phoney communist groups and parties, on the contrary, develop a dogmatic and opportunistic line, a doctrinarian Marxism and practical revisionism which brings them apart from feminine masses and contributes to the maintaining of revisionism and its hegemony, reformist and petit bourgeois feminism within the women's movement.

Hail the 8th march international day of women's struggle!
Hail the centenary of 8th march!

Woman, don't stop to fight, all the life must change!
Unleash women's fury as powerful strength of revolution!

proletari comunisti - Partito Comunista maoista-Italia
8 march 2008

Communist Worker (Maoist Communist Party of Italy)