03 aprile 2008

Election in Italy (Joint declaration by Maoist Communist Party of Italy & Communist Platform)

in Italy two communist organisation proletari comunisti-Pcm Italy and Communist Platform have issued a common declaration and call about italian elections 13 avril --

We call all the communist and revolutionary forces, the struggle organizations, the class union organizations to subscribe the common statement below:

In the past years the proletarians and people’s masses of Italy have experienced centre-right governments lead by Berlusconi as well as centre-left governments lead by Prodi and D’Alema, including the “communist” parties [PRC and PdCI].

These governments attacked and worsened the conditions of live and work. In these years we have undergone cut of the wages – also because of the high cost of the livelihood; precariousness – result of the Biagi and Treu laws; “white murders” before increasing profits; cut of the pensions and social services before growing financial transfers for the owners and military expenses. The toiling masses got poorer and poorer while profits and financial gains grew up.

A reactionary restructuring process of the State and the society advanced, in authoritarian and modern fascist forms that generalized emergency laws, repression and a climate of police State.

The Moratti reform, that the Prodi's government has maintained, worsened the conditions of the youth.

The condition of the women at the work and in the social life is more and more under attack; led by the Vatican, a clerical-fascist attack advances against the right of abortion and the self-determination of the women.

The persecution of the communists, the proletarian and class organization has gone on while the fascists have been protected and the militant anti-fascists criminalized.

The racist laws against the migrants adopted by the Berlusconi government have been essentially maintained under the Prodi’s government, while aggressions and a climate of pogrom escalated.

The imperialist role of Italy in Afghanistan and Lebanon, in alliance/subordination with US, intensified. Italy supported the Puppet State in Kosovo and persists developing military bases and new armaments. The people struggling for the health, against the high speed trains or the crisis of rubbish, met the repression and the denial of their demands. The bribery and the system of politician caste lasted and expanded at the shade of the centre-left.

For these reasons we communists call the proletarians and the masses to say NO to both the form of the bourgeois government, ready to join a big anti-workers coalition.

We call to advance in the class and mass struggle in all the social and political battles, to fight for an alternative to these governments: a WORKERS GOVERNMENT, emerging from the struggling movement of the exploited and oppressed masses, supported by the base and struggle organizations of the proletarians and the masses, marching toward the socialist alternative.

We want a workers, anti-capitalist and truly democratic and popular government, that will satisfies the political and economic demands of the toiling masses and will realize radical changes, expropriating the major means of production and exchange, and putting them under the control of the working class so to open the road to the transformation of the whole economic and social order toward the socialism.

The formula “workers government” today serves the propaganda of the communists’ solutions of the problem of the daily life of the proletarians and people’s masses.

Through that we make clear that for the working class and the people’s masses there are not parliamentary solutions of their fundamental problems, and that only the working class can give birth to a government that will not bow down before the altar of the profits and the bourgeois institutions, but rather will strive to overcome the crisis defeating the capitalism.

It helps to propagandize and give again dignity and strength to the perspective of the proletarian power, the socialism end the communism.

proletari comunisti,
piattaforma comunista
April 2008