20 febbraio 2004

Message for the 8th anniversary of People's War in Nepal

To the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Dear Comrades,

We salute with joy the eighth anniversary of the People's War in Nepal, led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The vanguard proletarians, the revolutionaries and the communists in our country express their solidarity and enthusiasm for the impetuous advance of the Nepali people's struggle. Beyond the enormous geographical distance that take us apart, we are united under our common ideology, the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, in our common battle against the imperialist beast, headed by the yankee imperialists, and the common aspiration after the international unity between the proletariat and the oppressed peoples in their struggle for the socialism and the communism. The People's War in Nepal is a milestone of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution. The Prachanda Path is a contribution for the application of the Marxism-leninism-maoism and of the strategy of the people's war beyond the border of Nepal.

In our country, constituting the PCm we raised up the red flag of the glorious tradition of the Italian proletarians and communists, opened by Antonio Gramsci, continued by the great antifascist Resistance, the greatest experience of "people's war" in an imperialist country. Today we fight a fierce battle against the imperialist and modern fascist government of Berlusconi, loyal allied of the yankee imperialism in its aggression wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and all the peoples that rebel. This government unchained a furious repression, as all the world could see the 20th and 21st of July 2001 in Genoa, and seeks to prevent the advance of the communist movement and of our Party. But, as ever, the repression feeds the rebellion: in the recent months mass protests spread all around our country, as in Florence. Our Party and the mass organizations it leads are well inside this movement and, in the fire of the class struggle and strictly linked to the masses, they prepare the development of the strategical line of the people's war applied to the reality of an imperialist country.

In our country we promote meetings and protests in solidarity with the people's war in Nepal and in these we salute the development of the anti-imperialist movements in India and in the whole Asia.

Long live the 8th anniversary of the people's war in Nepal!
Long live the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)!
Long live the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!
Death to Imperialism!
Long live the proletarian internationalism!
Long live the world proletarian revolution!

Partito Comunista maoista – Italia

12 febbraio 2004

Action supporting Nepal People's War from Italy

The Italian comrades organized in the Nepal Solidarity Committees, who will mobilize themselves in occasion of the anniversary of the People’s War in Nepal, will have a reason more to act and protest in front of Indian Consulate in Milan, having the reactionary Indian regime arrested and handed over to the infamous and criminal RNA, the comrades Matrika Prasad Yadav and Suresh Ale Magar, while, since August, comrade Gaurav is still detained without formal charges in an Indian prison.

We denounce and condemn this kidnapping style act of the reactionary Indian regime, supporting the Nepali feudal and murderer autocracy against the right of the people to build his own future through the revolution.

We commit ourselves to continue struggling in solidarity with Nepal People’s War and to promote and join at national and international level campaigns to defend the lives and free these Nepali revolutionary leaders.

The people’s liberation is not terrorism! Long live the anniversary of people’s war in Nepal! Imperialists and reactionaries, hands off Nepal! Free comrades Gaurav, Yadav and Magar!

The following is the call for the protest that will take place at the Indian Consulate in Milan, the 13th of February at 5 PM.

We attach also the file of the poster calling the initiative.

Since 13 February 1996 a new light shines in the eyes of the peoples masses of Nepal, since the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), CPN(M), launched the People’s War, leading the Nepali people to overthrow the decaying Nepalese state supported by its imperialist masters.

Mass of millions people, amongst the poorest in the globe, raised up and took their future into their own hands and now they live in the revolutionary base area, where they gave birth to the people’s power. Here, under the leadership of the Party, they organized their militias, as part of People’s Liberation Army, they took and re-distributed landlords properties, they reorganized the production, the education, the familiar relationships, the entire life!

The imperialists, US and British first but also other European powers, supplied to the Royal Nepal Army (RNA) weapons, equipments, training and advisers for millions of euros. But during all these years the masses in arms and their People’s Liberations Army continued to defeat on the battle field the mercenary RNA and to march toward the victory.

The Indian regime has not played a different role. It always considered Nepal as a protectorate and has effectively collaborated with the RNA troops at the borders, supported economically and politically the Nepali reactionary state and, since august, they detain in jail and threat to extradite the Nepali revolutionary leader C.P. Gajurel, comrade Gaurav, formally charged simply of holding fake passport!

In the context of the “infinite war” unchained and led by US imperialism and supported by other imperialist powers against the peoples throughout the world, while they assault and militarily occupy oppressed nations and massacre their people, from the roof of Himalayas shines a red light, from the Nepal, where a new society is built, where workers and peasants are marching toward the seize of the political power.


This initiative is part of an international day of action called by committees and organisations of solidarity with people’s war that during the recent months mobilised to denounce and stop the intervention of US, UK and India against the people’s war and collected thousands of signs and statements defending the life of comrade Gaurav to prevent his extradition.

Comitati Solidarietà Nepal