28 giugno 2006

Maoist Red Block Summer Camp 2006, Sicily (Italy)

Maoist Red Block Summer Camp 2006, Sicily (Italy), 26th August till 2nd September 2006.
From the Paris Rebellion to Katmandu ! A Festival of Proletarian Revolutionary Culture!

* Internationalism* * Anti-Fascism* * Concerts* * Videos* * Theatre* *Food* *Protest*

By Plane fly to: Airport of Reggio Calabria.
Take the street: Me/Pa Uscita Barcellona P.G.
By Train: Station of Barcellona P.G.
In Car: Autostrada Me-Pa uscita Barcellona P.G. Direzione S.Antonio.


27 giugno 2006

Maoist Camp en Sicile, du 26 août au 2 septembre

Red Block organisation de la jeunesse maoïste dirigée du Pcm, organise, aussi cet année, son camping estival pour jeunes cadres prolétaires, précaires et étudiantes : un camping maoïste !
Le Maoist Camp se tient en Sicile, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto ( Messina ), du 26 août au 2 septembre 2006 a coté du mer. Le thème principal du camping cet année est « da Paris a Katmandu, on a raison de se révolter » da la révolte des jeunes prolétaires du banlieues à la glorieuse Guerre Populaire en Nepal, passant à travers Turquie, Italie, partout la jeunesse se rebelle, vers la nouvelle vague de la révolution prolétarienne mondial. Limpérialisme tremble en face de la rébellion de la jeunesse prolétaire, la révolte du banlieues a montre que à la peur de la bourgeoisie, correspond la rage et l'orgueil de la jeunesse rebelle. Les gouvernements impérialistes pensaient de avoir dompté la rébellion des masses prolétariennes, mais la rébellion est augmente sous les cendres, dans la précarité , dans le chômage, dans loppression et en face de les provocations de la bourgeoisie elle explose en envahissant les routes et les voies. Dans ceci le Maoist Camp du Red Block continue le travail commencé avec l'expérience de le rencontre international de Paris du 29/30 avril, et à travers approfondissement et débat, prépare la deuxième vague. Le Maoist Camp cet année célèbre le 40° anniversaire de la Grand Révolution Culturel Prolétarienne en Cina et de l'expérience du gardes rouges, au service de la construction du pouvoir prolétaire du 21° siècle. Au camping ce sont des soirées à soutien de les Guerres Populaires en Nepal, Pérou Turquie, débats sur la situation et l'histoire de la construction des partis communistes marxiste léniniste -maoïste dans les pays impérialistes et en particulier en Italie ; le rideau rouge de le Mouvement Féministe Prolétaire Révolutionnaire, expositions, musiques, théâtre populaire, cinéma, concerts, cuisine.

Nous invitons le organisations de la jeunesse, les collectifs et comités a envoyer leurs représentants au Camping Maoïste du Red Block, in particulier les organisations et camarades présents au rencontre international de Paris, qui ont pu nous connaître et dont nous avons pu apprécier le travail politique entre les masses prolétariennes, immigrées et juvéniles.

L'espace du camping à nous destiné peut contenir au maximum de 70 camarades et les notre invité externes ne pourront pas être dans l'ensemble plus de 2/3 camarades pour pays, collectif, organisation. Le voyage est à la charge de les organisations et de les camarades invités, pendant le séjour (rideau et manger) est à la charge du camping.
Les représentants auront l'opportunité de faire des rencontres et y seront,
a la soir, des initiatives avec leurs relations et interventions.


Pour informations :

21 giugno 2006

(PCm-I News) 5000 people in anti fascist action in Milan

Over 5000 people participated in a national demonstration to free 25 youth anti fascist in prison in Milan for having struggle also in a battle street against nazi-fascist demonstration 11 march.

many young people of various tendency
many people solidarize in the street

A big flag of Maoist Communist Party of Italy [PCm-Italy]

"militant antifascism is part of struggle for proletarian revolution in Italy"

build antifascist red (RAF) in every town

near milan Prison (san vittore) Maoist Communist Party of Italy [PCm] speaks for '19 june day'"

the prisoners in the cage salutes the demonstraction with many slogan, songs and graffiti

28 june the trial in milan - new demonstration planned!!

19 giugno 2006

June 19 Messages from the Soccorso Rosso Proletario (Italy)

19th of June, Day of the Heroism, 20 years ago in Peru
The 19th of June 1986, in the prisons of Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao, hundreds of political and war prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru were massacred by the Peru armed forces.

Assault troops attacked with war weapons the prisons, bombed from the sky the pavilions taken by the prisoners and mowed them with grape-shots and rockets.

The prisoners died having refused any false proposal of agreement, conscious of the cost they were paying for their firmness. They choose to give their lives for the people, their Party and the revolution, resisting and fighting until the end, as they could, with the handmade weapon they had made in their cells.

Then the PCP called the 19th of June "Day of the Heroism" and internationally this date became the day in which we renew the memory of that heroic battle and sacrifice in unity with the political prisoners who struggle to turn the jails of the imperialism into "shining combat trenches".

That is not only trenches of resistance against the torture, the isolation and annihilation, but outposts of struggle against the imperialism and its states for the proletarian revolution, as part of the class struggle, fused with, not apart from the class struggle.

The Day of the Heroism is not to renew the denouncing one the most fierce crimes against the revolutionary prisoners he memory of a moral, political and military victory that the communists won on the field in Peru, embodying the principle that the communists never stop fighting and hitting the enemy as they can, not according their own interest but the general interest of their class and its world revolution.

Also because of that victory the People's War in Peru, repeatedly went through massacres, detentions of leaders, betrayals and any kind of defaming campaigns, and today it is still live and pulsating, the armed actions multiply and all the observer speak about "the return of Sendero".

As part of the ongoing and desperate effort to wipe out the People's War, they consistently try to wipe out the live and the thought of its recognized leader, the chairman Gonzalo, captured in the 92 and since then kept in total isolation. Against him the mounted a farcical "new" trial, openly aimed to continue denying him the right to speak, so to show him as a capitulator, and to bury him under new life sentences, not for being the political and military head of the People's War, but for "crimes against the humanity".

While the Peru state tries to define as a "crime" the right of the people to rise up against the exploitation and the oppression, the criminal Alan Garcia Perez, the president who ordered the massacre of the 19th of June 1986, is today once more elected, after many years spent abroad, prosecuted for bribery. He won the final ballot against Humala, author of a failed coup a pair of years ago. It seems the imperialists exhausted all their cards in Peru!

What is certain, today as twenty years ago, the massacres, the lies, the changes at the head of the state, with new or old figures, will never erase the blunt reality of the People's War in Peru and the 19th of June of this year must be part of the struggle to make it clear internationally.

One year ago in Turkey
This year the 19th of June must be the occasion to honor also the 17 leaders, cadres and fighters of the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey and North Kurdistan (MKP) massacred by the fascist Turkish state in Mercan, North Kurdistan, the 16th of June of the past year. They were on their way to a central meeting of the party when three assault helicopters appeared and unleashed a hail of machine-gun fire on them. Over 1000 soldiers had encircled the area and moved in to finish off the carnage. It was a cold-blooded massacre moved by a political more than military logic: to behead the party in the most sensational and terrorist way so to claim that with a single death blow "the Maoist subversion has been finished".

Many of those martyrs were former prisoners, and had participated the heroic death fast that united the prisoners of all the revolutionary parties and organization in the resistance against the F type prisons. At that time too the fascist Turkish state flattered itself to suffocate in the blood that struggle unleashing the elite corps which assaulted the uprising pavilions and cowardly set fire to the bodies of the weakened but stile combative prisoners.

The reality before our eyes is that any assassination of the prisoners, fighters, members or simple suspected sympathizers of all the revolutionary parties and organizations perpetrated by Turkish regime increased the hate and the anger of the peoples of the Turkey against the fascists oppressing them. Indeed, the struggle of the prisoners still goes on, the revolutionary forces are more active than they were before and amongst them the youth are more and more in the forefront.

The detentions, the criminalization or the "black lists" imposed by the imperialist bourgeoisies in their own countries will not succeed to extinguish the internationalist solidarity with the forces fighting against the imperialism in Turkey and in all the oppressed countries.

Today, behind the bars, inside the imperialist citadels
Also in the prisons in the imperialist countries the bourgeoisie nourishes the same spirit and illusion of "final solution" against the revolutionary prisoners that move the genocide hand of the regime servant of the imperialism in the oppressed countries. Using discriminatory laws like the art. 41bis in Italy, and sometimes sophisticated, sometimes barbaric and primitive techniques of psycho-physic annihilation, also in the "democratic and humanitarian" imperialist countries the purpose of the political imprisonment is to deny, to bend and to erase the revolutionary identity of the prisoners. From the sensorial deprivation and the techniques of psychological tortures and conditioning to the daily beating and abuses, the repeated transfers, etc. the political prisoners are persistently persecuted. They are hostages to harass in order to subordinate those out of the jails.

Today like few times in the past in these countries, the explosions of workers struggles "out of the rules" and youth uprisings have shown so evidently and contagiously that to rebel is possible, necessary and useful, even to give a solution to the every-day problems of the people, no longer solvable inside the existing system. Today as ever there only another possible world, the spectre that the bourgeoisie itself obsessively evokes: the communism.

This compel the imperialist bourgeoisie to use the political imprisonment and the annihilation of the prisoners as weapon to crush, out of the jails, any initial step that threatens to propagate and worsen the contagion of the rebellion, giving organization, plans and strategy to the spontaneity. While they hit the revolutionary communist prisoners to put the revolutionary struggle for the communism out of the life, besides out of the law, today more than ever we need to turn the 19th of June into a moment of the struggle not only to defend them but also to establish and, more important, to actively develop the revolutionary way suitable for the conditions of the imperialist countries today.

Today more than ever we need a proletarian red relief
The 19th of June has ever been a day of struggle also against the political a social repression. Every day not only the political prisoners but also thousands of proletarians and immigrated people are harassed and annihilated in the prisons and the detention centres in the imperialist countries. Here they undergo subhuman conditions of detention, incredible overcrowding, harassment, suicides and murders always covered and masked as "unforeseeable fatalities" whose responsible often get a promotion.

On the contrary, laws ad hoc, indulgent enquiries, verdicts and imprisonments protect and keep out of the jails the big state thieves, the responsible of wars against the Constitution, the fascist murderers, the big economical and financial criminality, the winning mafia. On the other hand, the thousands of judicial proceedings, detentions and trials that threaten and strike the social and political struggles make the repression and the political imprisonment a more and more massive phenomenon, today even more than during the "years of lead". Against this generalized repression and imprisonment the struggle for a generalized amnesty decriminalization of all the forms of social struggle, of the political associated crimes, clandestine immigration becomes a necessary battle to fight and win.

On the ground of the social control and repression, the use of the anti-terrorism hysteria and new special laws, the spreading of the norms against the political association crimes, the growth of the role of the state security and intelligence apparatuses that become parallel state and power, the racist laws against the immigrated people are the diamond-point of the march toward the police state and a new form of modern fascism, a process ongoing also on the ground of the reactionary restructuring of the State, the militarization of the politics, the historical revisionism, the promoting of the most backward and reactionary ideological forms existing amongst the masses.

This form of State corresponds the needs of the imperialist state in the current phase, characterized, on one hand, by the permanent preventive war against the people of the world in order to bend their resistance, anti-imperialist liberation struggles and the peoples wars advancing everywhere, on the other hand, by the coexisting and sharpening inter-imperialist collusion and competition, based on a volatile one-pole equilibrium and tending toward a new repartition of the world.

Therefore it is a form of state that advances generating resistance and rebellion in all the imperialist countries, no matter the colour of their government. Concerning the "struggle against the terrorism", the "international role of the democracies" , and the handling the social conflict as problem of public order, in Italy like in all the other imperialist countries right and left are united by the same of the same program.

This whole situation makes the building of a proletarian red relief, on each country as well as on an international scale, today more urgent than ever. Today more than ever we need an organization to support the struggle of the revolutionary prisoners serving the overall development of the class struggle and the building, in the fire of the struggler and closely linked with the masses, of the political and social class organization. Today more than ever we need a struggle to set in motion a consistent proletarian and mass mobilization against the prison and the repression. Today more than ever we need a movement marching united in the unconditional defence of all the comrades and proletarians hit by the class enemy, pursuing the clear goal to achieve concrete successes: free comrades, defeat police and judicial manoeuvres, establish the freedom to protest, to strike, to write and express opinions, an organization to defend and put in practice such freedom with all means are necessary.

Long live the 19th of June, Day of the Heroism!

Long live the international struggle of the political and war prisoners in the prisons of the imperialism!

Let's transform the dark jails of the imperialism in shining combat trenches!

Freedom for all the imprisoned comrades!

Let's build a great proletarian and international red relief!

Soccorso Rosso proletario

05 giugno 2006

15 giugno, Milano: assemblea pubblica

Il 15 giugno a Milano promuoviamo un'assemblea con la presenza di un compagno della redazione di "Le Drapeau Rouge" e operante in Secours Rouge Francia, a cui invitiamo tutti i compagni, gli organismi di movimento e le associazioni impegnate nella lotta contro la repressione.

L'iniziativa del 15 è inoltre nel quadro della campagna "19 Giugno - Giornata dell'eroismo". Giornata nata dalla rivolta nelle carceri peruviane dei prigionieri politici e di guerra del Partito comunista del Perù, divenuta giornata di lotta internazionale dei prigionieri politici e di guerra in tutto il mondo.

Quest'anno il 19 Giugno celebra gli eroici martiri turchi del MKP – Partito Comunista Maoista Turchia-Nord Kurdistan - massacrati il 16 giugno dello scorso anno a Dersim.

Per informazioni e adesioni sull'assemblea del 15: ro.red@libero.it

* * *

France - Italy; Against the repression of Youth, Workers and Rebels! Public assembly of Information in MILAN - ITALY

15th June 2006 A1 C.S.O.A. Garibaldi. C.so Garibaldi 89/B MILAN

TIME: 8:30pm

Event will coincide with Commemoration of Fascist Turkish state massacre of leading members of the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey / North Kurdistan and in support of People's Wars in Nepal, India, Turkey / Kurdistan, Peru..

Organised by Red Block (Maoist Youth Organisation - Italy), La Nuova Bandiera (The New Flag), Proletari Comunisti (Communist Worker) and Soccorso Rosso Proletario.

03 giugno 2006

Aggiornamenti SolNepal

Sono già decine di migliaia tra quadri, militanti e simpatizzanti, i maoisti che si sono riuniti nell'area del teatro all'aperto Khulamanch di fronte al palazzo reale di Katmandu.

Si tratta della prima manifestazione di massa apertamente organizzata nella capitale dal Partito Comunista del Nepal (maoista) dopo l'inizio della sollavazione popolare che ha travolto la monarchia autocratica del re fratricida Gyanendra.

Saranno in 300.000 a partecipare alla manifestazione secondo gli organizzatori, che nei giorni scorsi hanno mobilitato oltre 5000 volontari in t-shirt rossa per organizzare l'accolglienza di questa enorme ondata di rosso che sta tingendo la capitale

ulteriori dettagli e aggiornamenti su www.prolcom.org/SolNepal.htm

Paris revolte (en francais)


Le « spectre » de la révolte tourne fort en ces jours à inquiéter la bourgeoisie française, est en effet de ces dernières heures la nouvelle de la reprise des le combats dans le banlieues nord de Paris, les mêmes villes qui furent théâtre de la révolte de novembre. Deux citadines du département de Seine-Saint-Denis, Montfermeil et Clichy sous Bois, dans la nuit entre lundi et mardi, il on été de nouveau théâtre de guérilla urbaine entre les jeunes prolétaires et les forces de police. Voitures de la police incendiez, barricades, assauts au mairie, poubelle donnés aux flammes ; c’ est la réponse aux mesures répressives mises en acte da les forces des police dans la localité de Montfermeil.

À la base de se rallumer de les combats on été les perquisitions de la police dans les maisons de quelques jeunes du quartier Les Bosquets, avec l'excuse de chercher l’ agresseur d'un chauffeur la police il a fait irruption dans les habitations. Répression, intimidations , humiliations , perquisitions corporelles et arrêts, entre les arrêtes la mère d'un jeunes incriminé qui s'opposait aux violences de la police ; à cela on ajoute la récente ordonnance de la maire, qu'il prohibe aux jeunes des 15 par 18 ans de circulaire en groupes de plus de trois, soit de jour, soit de nuit. À ces énièmes provocations et affrontes de l'état bourgeois et de son appareil répressif, la jeunesse prolétarienne a répondu avec la juste violence, alimentant de nouveau le feu de la révolte et montrant que en face des attaques de la répression la bataille ne s'arrête pas mais avance.

La politique de fascisme moderne et d'état de police portée en avant du ministre Sarkozy aujourd'hui emprisonne, entre les autres, Muhittin Altun unique survivant à l'assassins , par main de la police, de Buna et Zyed, l' état bourgeois, n'étant pas réussi à le tuer, l'arrête parce que, ensemble à des autres jeunes prolétaire, il se rebelle contre les responsables des mortes des deux jeunes fils de peuple, et contre qui les oblige à une vie indigne faite de misère, exploitation et humiliations.

Nous sommes du côté de la jeunesse prolétarienne française qui répond coup sur coup au système qui les réprime, qui les exploite, qui les nie les libertés, qui les nie le futur, ainsi comme nous avons soutenu la grande révolte de novembre, allant en France, dans le banlieues, dans le feu de la lutte de classe en étroit liaison avec les masses et soutenant l'important rencontre international, « Da la révolte des banlieues a la révolution prolétarienne » organisé da les revues la Nuova Bandiera Italia et Drapeau Rouge France, qui s'est tenu à Paris le 29/30 avril.

Les faits de ces jours confirment la ligne exprimée dans le rencontre international, on a raison de se révolter et révolter est possible, qu'il est possible appliquer la ligne de la construction de la guerre populaire dans les pays impérialistes, cette route s'est rendue encore plus visible grâce à la rébellion de la jeunesse prolétarienne du banlieues. Au même temps, la reprise de les combats, montre que à la peur de la bourgeoisie, correspond la rage et l'orgueil de la jeunesse rebelle.

Les gouvernements impérialistes pensaient de avoir dompté la rébellion des masses prolétariennes, mais la rébellion est augmente sous les cendres, dans la précarité , dans le chômage et en face de l'énième brutalité policière elle est explose de nouveau.

Nous croyons que soit devenue une nécessité indispensable le développement de l'organisation révolutionnaire de la jeunesse prolétarienne, comme Red Block, un organisation que organise et dirige la rébellion de la jeunesse prolétarienne dans les pays impérialistes.

Le 15 juin 06 à Milan nous organisons un assemblée avec la présence d'un camarade de la rédaction du Drapeau Rouge et opérant en Secours Rouge France. Nous invitons tous le camarades, les organisations de mouvement et les associations engagées dans la lutte contre la répression.

L'initiative du 15 juin est en outre à l’ intérieur de la campagne 19 juin - « Journée de l' héroïsme » née da la révolte, à l’ intérieur de les prisons péruviennes, des prisonniers politiques et de guerre du Parti communiste du Pérou, devenue journée de lutte international des prisonniers politiques et de guerre in tout le monde.

Cet année le 19 juin célèbre les héroïques martyres turcs de MKP (Parti Communiste Maoïste Turquie - Nord Kurdistan), massacrés le 16 juin de l'année dernier a Dersim et de tout les martyres de la Guerre Populaire in Turquie.

Informations et adhésions : ro.red@libero.it



01 giugno 2006

PCm-Italia sulla rivolta di Parigi [English translation to follow]


Lo “spettro” della rivolta torna forte in questi giorni a preoccupare la borghesia francese, è infatti di queste ultime ore la notizia della ripresa degli scontri nelle banlieues nord di Parigi, le stesse città che furono teatro della rivolta di novembre. Due cittadine del dipartimento di Seine-Saint-Denis, Montfermeil e Clichy sous Bois, nella notte tra lunedì e martedì sono state nuovamente scenario di guerriglia urbana tra i giovani proletari ribelli e le forze di polizia. Auto della polizia incendiate, barricate, assalti alla marie, cassonetti dati alle fiamme; questa la risposta alle misure repressive messe in atto delle forze dell’ordine nella cittadina di Monterfemeil.

Alla base del riaccendersi degli scontri sono state le perquisizioni della polizia nelle case di alcuni giovani del quartiere Les Bosquets, con la scusa di cercare l’aggressore di un autista la polizia ha fatto irruzione nelle abitazioni. Repressione, intimidazioni, umiliazioni, perquisizioni corporali ed arresti, fra cui quello della madre di un ragazzo incriminato, la quale si opponeva alle violenze della polizia ; a ciò si aggiunge la recente ordinanza del sindaco, che proibisce ai giovani dai 15 ai 18 anni di circolare in gruppi di più di tre, sia di giorno, sia di notte. A queste ennesime provocazioni e affronti dello stato borghese e del suo apparato repressivo, la gioventù proletaria ha risposto con la giusta violenza, alimentando nuovamente il fuoco della rivolta e mostrando che di fronte agli attacchi della repressione la lotta non si arresta ma avanza.

La politica di moderno fascismo da stato di polizia portata avanti dal ministro Sarkozy oggi incarcera, tra gli altri, Muhittin Altun unico sopravvissuto all’assassinio, per mano della polizia, di Buna e Zyed, non essendo riuscito ad ucciderlo, lo stato borghese lo arresta perchè insieme ad altri giovani proletari si ribella contro i responsabili della morte dei due giovani figli del popolo e contro chi li obbliga ad una vita indegna fatta di miseria sfruttamento e umiliazioni.

Siamo al fianco della gioventù proletaria francese che risponde colpo su colpo al sistema che li emargina, li reprime, li sfrutta che gli nega le libertà, che gli nega il futuro, così come abbiamo sostenuto la grande rivolta di novembre, andando in Francia, nelle banlieues, nel fuoco della lotta di classe in stretto legame con le masse e sostenendo l’ importante rencontre internazionale, “ Da la revolte des banlieues a la revolution proletarienne” organizzato dalle riviste La Nuova Bandiera Italia e Drapeau Rouge Francia, tenutosi a Parigi il 29/30 aprile.

I fatti di questi giorni confermano la linea espressa nel rencontre internazionale, che è giusto ribellarsi, che ribellarsi è possibile, che è possibile applicare la linea della costruzione della guerra popolare nei paesi imperialisti e questa strada si è resa ancora più visibile grazie alla ribellione della gioventù proletaria delle banlieues.

Al tempo stesso la ripresa degli scontri sta mostrando che alla paura della borghesia, la quale schiera in forze il suo apparato repressivo, corrisponde la rabbia e l’orgoglio della gioventù ribelle.I governi imperialisti pensavano di aver domato lo ribellione delle masse proletarie ma essa è cresciuta sotto le ceneri, nella precarietà, nella disoccupazione e di fronte all’ennesima brutalità poliziesca è nuovamente scoppiata.

noi crediamo sia diventata una necessità indispensabile lo sviluppo dell'o organizzazione giovanile proletaria rivoluzionaria come Red Block che organizzi e d diriga la ribellione dei giovani proletari nei paesi imperialisti.