21 aprile 2008

Pcm-Italy declaration about Nepal

From the highest top of the world a red banner shines victorious.

It's the flag of Maoism. It's the flag of people's war and of the political struggle guided by Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).

It's a call to proletarians and peoples of the world to see that another path is possible. To win is possible!

The extraordinary electoral success of the Maoists in Nepal frightens imperialists and their media all over the world.

The people's war in Nepal, from the American imperialism inserted in their proscription lists as "terrorist threats" so far, has demonstrated to be able to win first of all on the military terrain conquering the 80% of the territory, smashing the reactionary army guided by the dictatorial monarchical regime sustained by world imperialism and Indian hegemonism; then to be able to win also on the electoral terrain, smashing all other parties put together, from the monarchical extreme right to the phoney communist left, basing itself on the masses, youth, women, working class and its mass organizations.

A People's Liberation Army, a united front, an authentically communist party guided by the Marxism-leninism-maoism sagaciously applied to the concrete reality, has till now performed a miracle, in the sphere of an imperialist system which leads an infinity war against the peoples of the world and in the ambit of a country pressed between the two emerging powers, India and China.

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) guided by comrade Prachanda, bearing in mind the experiences of the anti imperialist struggle and people's war - drawing lessons from experience of the people's war in Peru guided by the Communist Party of Peru and its leader Presidente Gonzalo - has innovated in war, politics, organization, the implementation of Marxism-leninism-maoism, and achieved a first great result, the strategic and tactical lessons of which are useful and important for all genuine communists in the world.

We communist proletarians engaged in the construction of the Communist Party Maoist in Italy make part always of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement of which the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is a leading component, and we are proud to have been those who, totally in countertendency with reformist, revisionist and phoney parties, so as with the leading political anti-globalization ranks, have supported and tried to let know the people's war in Nepal, the advanced, sophisticated, profound elaboration of PCN (Maoist) - let to know the extraordinary role of women through the elaboration of comrade Parvati - so as the role played also at international level of the Nepalese revolution in south Asia, with the development of people's war in the heart of the Indian giant. The current results of the Maoists in Nepal encourage and inspire us in applying to the different conditions of an imperialist country, the theory of the proletarian revolution.

Now it is necessary to support the Nepalese revolution in a much more strong and determined way in front of US imperialism and of the India and China powers plans to stop it, to domesticate and stifle it, but above all it is necessary to call on communists, advanced proletarians and anti-imperialists to know, to analyse thoroughly, to measure themselves with the advance of the Maoism in Nepal.

avril 2008