04 aprile 2006

Let's boycott the elections in Italy! (Resolution of the Central Commitee of the PCm-I)

April 9: Let's boycott the elections in Italy
Let's Unmask the Revisionism and the Opportunism
Let's Advance in the Construction of the Partito Comunista maoista
for the new initiation of the people's war.

Resolution of the Central Commitee of the Partito Comunista maoista - Italia

The general political elections in Italy put one before other two bourgeois coalitions competing for the power, inside the same process of building a modern fascist and police state regime in order to improve the role of the Italian imperialism in the world imperialist competition, in the phase of the infinite war led by the first head of the imperialism, the US.

In the Italian elections, on one hand, we have the coalition of the current government Berlusconi-Bossi-Fini. A three-headed monster: Berlusconi, representing the parasitic financial capitalism; Fini representing the political ranks inheritors of the conservative and farmer Christian Democratic right, strongly linked to the Vatican; Bossi, representing the owners of small and medium industrial firms, the wild capitalism of the richest areas in the north of the country.

Inside this block takes part the majority of the Vatican, under the guide of the new clerical-nazi pope Ratzinger, also by means the UDC party of Casini, the new fascist and new nazi forces; the big crime organizations - mafia, 'ndrangheta and camorra.

This faction of the bourgeoisie combines the defence of the interests of part of the big financial capital and the reactionary mass populism. It projects a form of open personal dictatorship holding a monopolistic control of the media, the centres of the power and, particularly, the suppressive state apparatuses: police, armed forces, magistracy, intelligence.

The other coalition represents the majority of the industrial capitalism and of the Italian trans-national corporations, linked to the EU and the world market, that fear the reactionary march of Berlusconi can punish their interests and the general interest of the imperialist bourgeoisie in the world market and competition. Also this block, in which take part the trade unions, the financial and productive system of the cooperatives, the disadvantaged part of the sate apparatus and the sectors of the southern economic system integrated in the world market, projects an authoritarian form of regime, based on the repressive strengthening of the state apparatus, on the growth of the role of the Italian imperialism in the world chessboard, first in the areas where it has direct interests, the Middle East, the Northern Africa and the Balkans.

On all the decisive aspects, the elements that unite the two coalitions of the imperialist bourgeoisie are more numerous than those divide them and they both aim to be its "business committee" to impose its particular interests as the general interest of the country.

The coalition led by Berlusconi move from a servant alliance with Bush and the US imperialism seeking a particular place under the shadow of the US giant. That is why it participates in the frontline of the war and the occupation of Iraq, upholds the US stand on almost all the world-influencing topics and opposes the solid building of a European imperialistic pole under a French-German leadership.

The coalition led by Prodi does not aim to obstruct the strategic plans and interests of the US imperialism but to moderate their impact, in order to allow Italy to play both the games, combining the liaison with the EU and its own interests in the Mediterranean area. In this sense, neither a coalition or the other actually proposes the withdrawal of the troops from Iraq but rather they compete on how to maintain and strengthen the Italian presence and the relationship with the other countries in Middle East: Israel, Iran, Egypt.

Internally, both the coalitions aim to support the police state and to review the antifascist Constitution. The Berlusconi's coalition openly evaluates the fascism and cancels the Resistance. The Prodi's coalition uphold a modernization that put amongst the relics of the past the antifascist struggle and the form of bourgeois democracy born from the Resistance. Therefore, both the coalitions agree the strengthening of the police forces, the militarization of the country, the laws against the "terrorism" and the migrants.

Also on the ideological and cultural field, both the coalitions make the "family" and the "security" the main levers to preserve and improve the stability of the existing state and system.

As regards the attack against the conditions of life and work of the people's masses, actually the coalitions do not differ: they aim to expand the precariousness, the exploitation, the privatization and reduction of social services, in the context of an ongoing impoverishment of the people's masses, particularly the southern people, the youth and the women. To do this, the Berlusconi coalition aims to build regime-servant trade unions, while the Prodi coalition aims to use the lever of a "concerting consensus", realizing the corporative integration of the unions in the handling of the economics and the State.

As regards the big crime organizations in Southern Italy, Berlusconi aims to make an alliance with them, Prodi aims to a "restricting coexistence" in order to strengthen the role of the Italian capitalism in the world and to defend the interest of the firm-owner from the mafia blackmails.

The assault launched by Berlusconi against the magistracy and the mass media makes these centres of the bourgeois rule a field of a factions' struggle that goes however against the freedom of press and the appearing equality before the law that the bourgeois democracy claims to apply. While Berlusconi openly holds the democratic judges and commentators as enemies Prodi looks at them as elements to keep under control.

The bourgeois electoral competition is the triumph of the parliamentary democracy as form of dictatorship. This time, the system of election is shaped on the rule of the money, of the richness, of the elites of the bourgeois parties and even any appearance of choice for the voters has been cancelled. The incoming elections will be the most antidemocratic ever held in Italy after the World War II.

This system and the general interests of the bourgeoisie make the political ranks competing for the vote more homogeneous and widen the separation between the parties and the masses, between the State and the masses and between the interests of the bourgeois industrial and financial oligarchy and the working class and people's masses.

The parties inheritors of the revisionist CPI, the Rifondazione Comunista Party of Bertinotti and other lesser forces, play the role of the pages in the coalition of Prodi, they seek seats and remainders with few chances to influence the programs. But their role is important and goes over their electoral strength. That is to serve the general interests of the imperialist bourgeoisie and the stability of the of the bourgeois state and system as a whole, through their active mobilizing to include the masses in the support of the centre-left coalition, to reduce their separation from the bourgeois state, to corrupt the ideology, the culture, the character and the organization of the proletarian and people's movements of opposition, to actively oppose in the mass movements every tendency to go beyond the framework of the bourgeois interests and establishment and every form of antagonist, revolutionary and genuinely communist organization.

This way today the reformism serves the march toward the modern fascism.

In this sense, when the principal enemy of the masses appears in their average consciousness be the current government of Berlusconi, the force that even more coherently realizes the interests of the bourgeoisie is the centre-left coalition led by Prodi and the most harmful and dangerous internal enemy is its allied Bertinotti and the so-called "left wing" of the coalition.

The workers' struggle, the uprising the precarious and unemployed people in the South of the country, the movements against the imperialist war and the fascism, the movements of the youth against the bourgeois school, the renewed movement of the women do defend the right of abortion against the assault of the clerical fascists, all the opposition movements that, since the battle of Genoa have been going across our country, in a way sometimes impetuous, sometimes subterraneous, with numerous moments of street fighting, have not any reference in these elections. On the contrary: the more they manage to be autonomous outside and against the two poles of the electoral competition and their agents in the mass movements, the more they advance and become strong

To fight any electoral illusion on the centre-left pole, to turn the separation of the advanced ranks of the proletarians and the masses into active boycott is the political task that the communist in our country have to fulfil and the Partito Comunista maoista, in the initial phase of its construction, do this through the public political battle of "proletari comunisti", of the organizations of the cobas for the class union, of the vanguard and increasing role of the youth organization Red Block and of the contingent of the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement. The Partito Comunista maoista ties the struggle of the proletarian movement of our country to the anti imperialist struggle of the people throughout the world, to the support of the Iraqi and Palestinian people, and moreover to the support of the people's wars in Nepal, Peru, Turkey, India, etc, also by means the role of specific committees, as the Nepal solidarity committees. Through this tactics the Partito Comunista maoista serves the strategy of the new initiation of the protracted revolutionary war in an imperialist country like Italy, drawing lesson from the teachings of the glorious antifascist Resistance and of the communist armed vanguards that in our country had their apex in the 70s.

To build the Partito Comunista maoista as organized vanguard detachment of the proletariat, as a communist party of new type in function of the practical waging of the people's war is the current task we fulfil and bring as direction also inside the current electoral campaign.

Against the existence and the role that the Partito Comunista maoista plays and will play in the initial phase of its construction the imperialist bourgeoisie and the revisionism indeed rely on the forces and the groups of the opportunism, the new revisionism, the economistic and petty bourgeois revolutionary movementism. In all the imperialist countries and inside the international communist movement itself, they are the enemies of the construction of a genuine Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party and, therefore, they obstruct the real tasks the communists have to fulfil today in the world, in the fire of the class struggle, closely linked with the masses.

In Italy a role particularly negative is played by a force that claims itself Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, the (n)PCI/Carc, that upholds the
participation in the election and the support of the Prodi-Bertinotti alliance in the form of voting for the party of the latter.

This policy diverts the communist vanguards and the advanced proletarians from their actual tasks, corrupts their ideology and praxis and finally proposes the construction of the party based on the importance of forming up "communists lists". A party based on the understanding of a bookish and propagandistic communism, a communism ex cathedra that is combined with a revisionism in the practice that damages not only our party but also any Marxist-Leninist-Maoist political standing in our country. The repressive attacks and judicial manoeuvres against this organization reflect the need of the bourgeoisie to hit an appearing enemy to hit and exorcize the real one: the construction of the communist party and the militant struggle in an imperialist country. The propagandistic use of the repressive attacks and a claimed constitution of a n(PCI) is the last attempt in the Italian and international communist movement to dim, oppose and hide the new reality for our country and generally for the imperialist countries that is the birth and initial construction in the fire of the class struggle and closely linked with the masses of the Partito Comunista maoista.

The electoral circus of the bourgeoisie needs clowns of every kind.
The class struggle, the thunder of the new initiation, though tortuous and difficult, will sweep them all.

Active boycott the elections the April 9!
Elections NO, people's war YES!