13 marzo 2006

PCm News: 29/30 April International Meeting in Paris

PCm [Maoist Communist Party Of Italy] News
29/30 April International Meeting in Paris - E Mail contacts for information below article.

The Italian and French Marxist-Leninist-Maoist magazines call and organize a meeting on the topics below, at which they invite as large as possible number of Maoist and revolutionary forces, organisations influenced by them, proletarian vanguards and revolutionary activists.

First we invite the parties and organizations of the RIM and those with the same trend, although not yet members of it.

It is not an international conference of parties, since it is not yet ripe in Europe, but instead a militant discussion, introduced by the speech of the organizers and developed by the interventions of all the attending forces, the replies, the deepening, the testimonies, without tinsels or too much formalities, on:

- The uprising in the banlieues, that has made actual in the very hart of the imperialist countries the slogan "to rebel is right", putting in the agenda the question of the revolution, of the people's war, before the further reactionary transformation of the imperialist states. The Maoists must start from this point with an analysis and a reading of the situation, with a direction and a perspective of transformation.

- The uprising in the imperialist countries against the modern fascism and the reformism, that demands a leap in the construction of the party in function of the people's war in the European context in an unbreakable unity with the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties that are leading today the People's War throughout the world.

We want to speak about the initial steps of the people's war and their dialectical relationship with the uprising and the spontaneous form of "fighting" of the masses.

While we prepare this meeting we are doing a work that is more than the traditional invitations forwarding and bill-posting.

We develop a propaganda campaign that will reach the centres of the uprising in France and the potential other "centres" in other countries, important sectors of the working class and of the people's masses, along with a systematic spreading of the call, the inviting and the discussion in all the political initiative and demonstration that will take place in the weeks before the meeting.

Call for an international meeting in Paris the 29th and 30th of April 2006
From the Riot of the Banlieues
To the Proletarian Revolution

In France, at the hart of the imperialist countries, the uprising in the banlieues lift up the lead-cap weighing on the youth in the popular outskirts.

Each party and the classes they represent had to take position before this uprising . They all exposed such violence and called for the calm, the right and extreme right forces did it in a reactionary, fascistic way; the leaderships of the left and extreme left official parties and organizations, as a whole, did it in an anticommunist way; while the religious hierarchies were trying to bring back the youth "à la raison".

According them what is necessary, is even more means and measures to surround the youth and militarily occupy the banlieues. First they need strengthen the local police, to make massive its presence, to turn everyone into a cop and to use the more people is possible as informer and spies. They need every kind of "animateurs" to bring back the "lost kids" to the right way and make them to accept their promises of jobs. Actually they carry forward a plan of massive control and suppression, a police

It is the politics of using "masses against masses". It is the class collaboration, the put into the practice of a new form of fascism.

The bourgeoisie launched its war against the proletariat. The "war against the terrorism" is just a false pretext. It is a low intensity war.

The bourgeoisie hold all those reformists as reasonable "social partners" on whom it can rely for the alternation in the government, and to destroy or to channel the uprising in the banlieues.

The bourgeoisie, its governments and collaborators of every tendency are afraid, because not only in the banlieues of the imperialist countries the proletarian the people's masses youth rebel themselves, also the peoples throughout the world raise up against the invasions, the occupations and the exploitation.

These national liberation struggles and the people's war led by the Maoist parties serve the interests of the international proletariat.

The European Union, as part of the worldwide process of capitalist restructuring and the new world division amongst the imperialist powers, applies measures against the workers and the people's masses: precariousness, unemployment, price-increase, destruction of the social services, super-exploitation of the migrants, rise of the poverty. All this causes an increasing dissatisfaction that grows up to the uprising.

This uprising needs to be transformed in revolution to overthrow the bourgeois dictatorship and to put the proletariat at the power.

In France, in Europe and in all the imperialist country we need to build, genuine revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties that pursue the aim to wage the prolonged revolutionary warfare for the seizure of the power of the proletariat. The uprising of the young people has shown that this way is possible in France as in all the imperialist countries. It needs to prepare the next stage.

Bring your stone for the building !

We invite you to participate the international meeting that will take place in Paris the 29th and 30th of April 2006

Contact us for information and participation !

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