18 gennaio 2006

The World People's Resistance Movement [WPRM] European Speaking Tour in Italy

The WPRM European Speaking Tour in Italy

The three meeting organized in Italy as part of the European Speaking Tour organized by the WPRM is a major opportunity for the communists, the proletarians, the revolutionaries and the antimperialists in Italy to meet, to know more and develop solidarity with the people's war in Nepal by listening directly its voice.

We organized three main events, in the North, the Centre and the South of the country, respectively in Massa, Rome and Palermo, to give to the Nepali comrades the opportunity to know the different reality of our country.

Since our goal is not to misuse the solidarity with the People's War in nepal as a vehicle for a narrow or sectarian "idological" battle, we built such initiatives toghether with a range of solidar forces different from us, with the aim to bring the weapon in the hands of the antiimperialists
and the solidarity to the masses.

These events are definitely open to all the anti anti-imperialists forces in our country and we are publicly inviting them to participate and contribute. Such meeting do not exhauste our program. We are spreading a workers statement in a number of factories and other work places, calling workers to subscribe it and their base unions national representatives to meet the Nepali comrades. Other initiatives toward the Italian Parliament and Government and the large movement of the international solidarity will be launched in the course of the main meetings.