30 aprile 2005

May Day 2005: From the Resistance to the People's War in the Imperialist Countries

Statement of Communist Maoist Party Of Italy (PCm – Italy)

In the Day of the international proletariat it is necessary for the communist parties and organizations to give the right indication to the proletariat and people's masses about which task is actually central.

The fundamental thesis we state is that before the infinite war unchained by the US imperialism, within a relationship of collusion and struggle with the other imperialist powers, in the name of the world campaign against the "terrorism", we must respond making advance a new tide of the world proletarian revolution, taking as theory and guide the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and advancing in the constitution, building and development of new communist parties, in function of the establishment, initiation and development of People's Wars in all the countries in the world.

We support the people's wars, from Peru to Nepal, from India to Turkey. We support the Iraqi and Palestine resistance and the anti-imperialist struggles in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Inside the imperialist countries, US first, the reactionary process and the militarization are advancing.

The states participating the imperialist war as well as those currently "not-aligned" carry out an assault against the struggle movements, the revolutionary and proletarian organizations, the communist parties and organizations.

The working and proletarian masses, the movements against the war, the fascism, the imperialist globalization oppose to the plan of the imperialism, of its states and governments, an increasing and large resistance, tough uneven and going through up and under, with workers strikes and big demonstrations.

The reformist parties, the pacifist and opportunist tendencies, work to keep these movements at the stage of the resistance, of the peaceful mass protests and to not put in argument the imperialist laws and the imperialist order, that are the cause producing war, new nazi-fascism, worsening condition of work and life for the proletarians and people's masses.

In Italy we struggle to overthrow the government of Berlusconi, loyal ally of Bush and Blair, active participant in the war and the military occupation against the Iraqi people, but we struggle also against any imperialist government formed by the current parliamentary opposition of Prodi and Bertinotti.

The PCm builds the Cobas for the class union, the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement, the youth organization Red Block, the Proletarian Red Relief, the Nepal Solidarity Committees and any other mass organization the proletarian and people masses need to carry forward this struggle.

We build the PCm as vanguard detachment of the working class, leading its real movement. We are the partisans of the People's War and we point out that also in the imperialist countries only such war can ideologically and politically forge genuine communist parties.

Therefore, we work in the fire of the class struggle and closely linked with the masses in order to initiate the people's war in our country, summing up the historic experience of the great anti-fascist partisan Resistance and drawing the positive and negative lessons of the revolutionary struggle in our country.

We fight all the revisionist positions in our country, in Europe and in the imperialist countries, that, in various forms, propose once more the peaceful way and the parliamentarism.

The PCm is integrant part of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and struggles inside it as well as in the international communist movement for the red line to win against any and each form of revisionism and opportunism, in the march toward a new Communist International.

Death to imperialism!
The imperialist war can be stopped only if the People's War advances!
Long live the proletarian internationalism!
Long live the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Long live the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!
Long live the world proletarian revolution!

Partito Comunista maoista (PCm) - Italia