20 febbraio 2005

Palermo Maoist youth march in solidarity with People's War in Nepal

Redblock and Nepal Solidarity Committee (Palermo, Italy)


Responding to the call of the Nepal Solidarity Committees promoted by the Maoist Communist Party OF Italy (PCm), to go on the street and demonstrate to support the people's war in Nepal, that is celebrating its 9th anniversary, the Maoist youth of "Redblock" organized a manifestation, and vain have been the attempts of the police to stop soon the march that ended in front of the US Consulate.

Friday 18th February 2005, a group of Maoist youth, at the head of hundred other young people marched against the imperialist war and in support the people's war in Nepal. Young people and students in Palermo, so as in other Italian towns, continue to protest against the warmonger and anti-popular Berlusconi government. Such government carries on a lot of horrible reforms, like that of the Minister Moratti, which aims at destroying the public school and below the funds to the school to give them to the army so as to continue the occupation of Iraq. The comrades shouted different slogans like: "Imperialist war can be stopped, only if people's war advances", "From Nepal to Peru, people's war is advancing even more".

During the demonstration the police began the wicked repression like servants of power. In fact just after a mile the police tried to stop the comrades and wanted to remove the big banner on which was written: "Against the imperialist war, support the people's war in Nepal".

The Maoists defended the banner and the right to demonstrate and after moments of tension, during which the policemen prepared to assault with their usual manner of wearing shields and helmets, the march ended in front of the American consulate. There were chanted a lot of slogan against the USA and its imperialist war, against the Italian government and its "police state" that is destroying the fundamental rights of the people, specially the freedom of opinion, the right to write own ideas and the dissent against a state that is advancing in the construction of a regime of modern fascism that oppresses the masses. The comrades denounced to the journalists the gravity of the police attitude that remembers the fascist censorship.

To resist it's not a crime, their repression don't stop but will feed our rebellion!

Nepal Solidarity Committee