05 marzo 2005

8th march: women workers' struggling day

Strike in Palermo and Taranto
Actions in Ravenna Milano Bergamo

Struggling day for women workers of different cleaning companies whom government and masters negate the minimum contract, normal wage conditions and elementary rights; women workers company and other services, a lot of women always more precarious, on which labour, on which misery wages of 350/450 euro monthly, companies enrich themselves, and sometimes, like old slave owners, decide who must and who mustn't continue to work, negating to them the certainty to nurture the sons. But these women cannot be submitted by no masters and this year too they will struggle on the 8th march.

Women workers form the textile companies in the south italy, that just on the 8th march will be on strike; women from the big to the small companies often hided to anyone so to better exploit; to fight against the masters that want to fire hundreds, after they have made big profits trough a super-exploitation, double-dipping work, completely irregular working hours and wages that in particular in south Italy are really a misery and an offense; the work is sometimes also full of humiliations, blackmails, but also of pressures and sexual harassments. The wonderful clothes sold at impossible prices! If they could speak they will tell the hard work, the fear of being sacked, the rage of accepting every blackmail, abuse, for a hundred euro.

Women workers of the big ILVA steel industry of Taranto that two years ago, together with the Slai Cobas, denounced and made possible his firing, and that on the next 22th march, before the court, will fight to condemn a boss, who protected by the "Riva system", made of abuses and blackmails, violated a women worker, and harassed many others.

All the women workers that Berlusconi's government has decided they must be inferior and discriminated although if they do the same job of the men, saying, trough the heinous "Biagi Law" that if they want to work they must accept half wage. Women that after the work hours must do somersault to balance the counts, fighting everyday against the hike in prices, against life conditions becoming always more precarious and miserable.

8th march is our day of fight, rebellion, unity, women strength against the masters, against he masters' government. It's the day in which in the whole world the most exploited and oppressed women stand up, and when they do this, they strike fear.

Slai Cobas' women workers - for the classist trade union

Slai Cobas' women workers
Joining the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement