24 marzo 2005

Out of iraq! Away with the USA-NATO bases!

50.000 peoples in antimperialist demonstration in Rome win the boycott of berlusconi/prodi government and mass media and other (Bertinotti, official 'pacifist' and opportunist group that support 'social forum europe' in bruxelles; And now launched for the next months are national demonstrations against USA Nato bases, in particularly in south Italy (Taranto the great naval base in Mediterraneo and in the future Nato command)!!
Below is the translation report from the Rome anti imperialist demonstration written by the Maoist Communist Party (Italy) - (Participants in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement) and the Maoist Red Block (Youth Movement) in the news paper Proletari Comunisti ('Communist Proletarians').


United States have organized and managed the elections to legitimate their invasion and conquest of Iraq and forge a comprador-bourgeoisie government that allows them to control the country and to undermine the resistance of the Iraqi people as an integral part of a plan aiming to strengthen the US position in this strategic region so as to transform it in a base for new aggressions against Iran and Syria.

The Iraqi people have given its response to these elections by fighting these elections. Lot of voters too have said no to the occupation. In the Shiite and Kurdish regions have pushed the masses in the sense of exercising a certain influence on the future of the country. The elections have occurred in militarized towns, and lists and candidates were often unknown to everyone. During the elections massacres, arrests and tortures continued. Just after the elections the military machine became active to repeat in Ramadi what they did in Falluja. It's in this climate that we can consider the attempt to kill the journalist of "Il Manifesto", Giuliana Sgrena, too.

The Berlusconi government has strongly sustained the election campaign and soon after has declared that the Italian occupation troops will stay there for almost a year more and will be better armed. The parliament has refinanced the military mission subtracting funds to the social spending.

The fake parliamentary opposition, that sees on the frontline Rutelli and Fassino, have utilized the elections to pursue their march to be always more closer to the Berlusconi government position and now they too say that the imperialist American troops and the Italian soldiers mustn't retreat and that those who really are resisting are those who go to vote and that the Iraqi resistance is 'terrorism' that must be overcome and crushed. Bertinotti has joined this position too, although maintaining his opposition to the war, he considers on the same level the war and the resistance saying that this is terrorism and making propaganda for the politics of "non-violence" under the military occupation, which is in fact the position of the puppet Iraqi government.

Against the imperialist war, against the occupation of Iraq, against the presence in the region of Italian imperialism, it's necessary more than ever to re-launch and develop the great opposition mass movement which has pushed in the latest years millions of people to demonstrate within the imperialist countries and within our country. The demonstrations of 19th, 20th march developing in the whole world demand the withdrawing of the imperialist troops and the withdrawing of the Italian soldiers from Iraq. But these demonstrations must openly sustain the Iraqi resistance and the blows this gives to the imperialist occupation.

It's necessary to intensify the struggle within the imperialist countries and the opposition movement against the war must take root socially and territorially. It's necessary to denounce that the popular masses pay the costs of the war trough the cuts to the social spending, and to promote the mobilisation of the workers trough the strikes against the war. It's necessary to demand the closure of the Nato/Usa bases that in different forms are all assuming a central role in Bush's infinite war. It's well known now that the bases of Aviano and Ghedi are deposits of atomic weapons and that the Rimini airport is being transformed in technical landing for the US troops going to Iraq, and that Taranto has become the greatest naval bases of the Mediterranean and the real intention is to construct a new US naval base. The US command will be transferred to Napoli, while Bagnoli is the training place of the Iraqi military and police and the whole national territory is being inserted in the imperialist war plans and in the imperialist role of Italy, and the populations of the territory where the bases are located pay all this in terms of militarization, restrictions of democratic spaces, war economy, radioactive environmental pollution.

The fight against imperialism must go beyond the limits of a national mobilization once in a year and take the road for a prolonged and permanent mobilization that pushes the masses against the bases, the institution palaces, blocking the war transportations and the territory, and in the strong demand of the smashing down of the war government.

The quantity of people that we can mobilize in these demonstrations is an important fact, but these numbers must be constructed in the clarity of a permanent and prolonged battle able to reach its own aims. In this sense it's clear that is incompatible with the fight movement against the war the position of the majority of parliamentary opposition, staying with Prodi, that only wants to strengthen the European pillar in a contrast/collusion with the US imperialism, but which is favourable to the war, to the imperialist control of the oil, that calls "terrorism" all the resistance of the peoples like Iraq, Palestine, and people's wars in Nepal, India, Philippines too. They stand for the permanence of the bases, the strengthening of military machinery. And within the anti-war movement it also must be isolated the position of the today majority of 'Rifondazione Comunista' (the revisionist party) that acts as a support of the parliamentary left, which always more pushes itself to the sabotage of the demonstrations against the war on a local and on a national level, as it has been with the demonstrations of the 19th and 20th in Rome.

Support the Iraqi resistance!
Support the antiimperialist liberation struggle!
Support people's wars from the Andes to the Himalayas!
The best support to the peoples struggles it's the struggle to smash down its own imperialism!
Away with war and repressive government attacking the work and life conditions!

proletari comunisti
Red block