02 agosto 2005

Pcm Commemorate Turkish Martyrs on 28 July at Red Block Camp in Sicily

Great commemoration of Turkish Comrades in the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey / North Kurdistan (MKP) at Red block camp, Sicily 28th July.

The total area of the Red Block camp was red / great posters of massacre and demostrations / great panel of comrade Cangoz and comrade Rosa. From 6 pm 28 july Turkish Revolutionary songs and music, a long panel in italian language "honour to CC members and comrades MKP killed by fascist turkish regime " "people's heroes are immortal"!

At nine o'clock in the night, all camp is stopped, young maoist and all comrades are in the area for commeration, images of massacre and demostrations after massacre, a great red banner is high the first intervention a PCm quadre: with commotion, rage and strong determination makes a brief resume of massacre, remember comrades and struggle of MKP, denounce turkish regime, imperialism and italian government allies of turkish regime, conclude with proletarian internationalism, maoism, communism. The second intervention was done by a women comrade from the feminist, proletarian, revolutionary movement that honours Rosa.

Rosa has been in Palermo (Sicily) on 8th March 2004 for a meeting and all comrades have remembered her well. A pamphlet with Rosa's intervention in this meeting issued and the meeting give a greeting for 'our inforgettable Rosa'. Red block's leader makes the third intervention / the young maoist salute is a revolutionary salute to Turkish martyrs. Young Turkish were in red block camp two years ago and there was a bilateral talks and solidarity meeting / the blood versed shall be forgotten in the common struggle for communism. Others comrades read the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (MRI) declaration and Li Onesto's text. The song of international conclude the commemoration.