02 luglio 2005

Red block camp in Sicily - More details from PCm

The Red Block is a Maoist youth organization, directed by Maoist Communist Party Of Italy (Pcm) Italy.

Its camp, now in the fourth year, will take place in Sicily, in a place at the seaside, few kilometers from the railway station of Patti, in the district of Messina.

There will have
  • a few permanent stands and activities, as the Partisan library, "Ultras stand", the paintings of a well known Italian political Marxist Leninist Maoist prisoner to free which last year was launched and won a national campaign, a workshop against the bridge on the Sicily canal and the militarization.
  • Two seminars on the materialistic understanding of the history and the first Volume of the "Capital" by Karl Marx.

Every night there will be non-published movies, music, Theater, photographs, etc.
The themes of the evenings will be:
  • The Resistance: a job just began: hystory, tail, project
  • The theory of the People's war in the imperialist countries
  • The people's wars all around the world - a commemoration of the Turkish Maoist leaders massacred in June
  • The Red Block: antifascim, antiimperialism, internationalism, struggles, rebellion, ideological training
  • - Viva la rivoluzione! the revolution is the feast of the oppressed people

The participation fee will be 10 euros plus the costs of the self-manged food.