27 giugno 2005

Honour to the communist Maoist leaders massacred by the Turkish fascist regime

Statement by Maoist Communist Party Of Italy (PCm Italia)

The Italian Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists, on behalf of the revolutionaries, the vanguard proletarians, the oppressed people of our country, honour the comrades of the Maoist Communist Party – Turkey and North Kurdistan, murdered after tortures and barbarous mutilations, while were having an important Party meeting. These comrades, in the hearth of war zone, were working to advance the revolutionary struggle of the Turkish and Kurdish masses to free them of fascist Turkish regime, supported by the US imperialism. They died to serve the proletarian revolution. They are part of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

The Turkish bourgeoisie, the imperialism and the government that support it, will pay for such crime. The blood spelt by these comrades makes even redder our flags and leads us to intensify the struggle for the communism.

Our Party bring amongst the vanguard proletarian, the youth, the women of our country the value of the sacrifice, the ideological Marxist-Leninist-Maoist strength of these comrades and call to expose and mobilize against the Turkish fascist regime, the European governments, and the government of Berlusconi, Bossi and Fini, friend of the Turkish fascism, to unite in the name of the proletarian internationalism.

The people's heroes are immortal!

June 16 2005
Partito Comunista maoista Italia