16 marzo 2006

PCm-Italy News [Two National demonstrations]

Two national demonstration in Italy for 18 march

In Roma
Antiwar manifestation against imperialist war in Iraq/ out imperialist troops from Iraq / support Iraqi People and Palestinian people.

We denounce Italian imperialism crimes Nassyria- contractors torturators - neocolinalism in Lybia and demand out Italian troops from Iraq and Afganistan

We support people resistance in Iraq and Palestine
We support anti imperialist struggle in the world
We support peoples war in Nepal/PerĂ¹/India/Turkey/Philippine

In Milano
Anti fascist demonstrantion - nied from the Police against struggle in the street in the 11 march

We demand liberation of young peoples and workers imprisoned
We call for struggle against police's state, modern fascism government but also 'false opposition Prodi/bertinotti

Against a fascist meeting , five hundred young peoples march, police attack for defending fascist meeting, the rebels resist, makes barricades, cars take fire MC donald is damaged, three hours in the battle 43 people arrested, between them a worker SLAI/COBAS representant steel factories and a worker woman Truiumph factory

Today sit-in near prison
Saturday national manifestation
with RedBlock and Proletari Comunisti partecipation

No modern fascism! No police State!
Down Berlusconi Governement !