15 aprile 2006

International meeting in Paris: Draft program and more details

from banlieues rebellion to proletarian revolution

Draft of program and organisational details of the international meeting organized in Paris, the 29th and 30th of April by the Italian and French marxist-leninist-maoist magazines La Nuova Bandiera and Drapeau Rouge with the support of the Secours Rouge (France) and Red Block (Italy)

Draft of program
April 29
11 AM Reception and opening of the meeting
12 AM First intervention by Le Drapeau Rouge - France

Break and buffet

2.30 PM Second intervention by La Nuova Bandiera - Italy


4 PM Interventions and speeches by the representatives of parties and organizations: Peru, Nepal, Turkey, India


7 PM Interventions by the supporting organizations from Italiy and France

Dinner and feast with revolutionary songs

April 30
10 AM Interventions and reports by organizations and comrades from France, imperialist countries, other countries - discussion

Break and Italian food

2.30 PM Conclusions and resolutions

5 PM Ending and internationalist salute

During the days will be possible to have bilateral meetings.
All the attending forces will have table for their papers and issues.
During the program we will read the messages addressed to the meeting, will have speeches dedicated to the martyrs of the people's wars in Turkey, Peru, Nepal and a memorial of the revolutionary militant Joelle Aubron.
The comrades attending are invited to participate the initiaves planned the May First
9.30 AM
Memorial initiative at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in honour of the fallen of the Commune of Paris, the Maoist worker Pierre Overnay, and the Turkish revolutionary director Yilmaz Guney.
12 PM
Internationalist contingent at the demostration for the May First in Paris

Details for the participants
All the organizations and the comrades who want to attend the meeting must necessarily communicate their participation to the email address of the organizers.
Only those who will have previously confirmed their attending will enter the meeting hall.
The participants will provide their stay by themselves.
If they have difficulties they can ask the organiser help, by email.
We cannot contribute your travel costs.
Interventions and translations can be brought directly at the meeting.
The languages of the meeting will be Italian and French, with translation in English.
Massages and intervention by forces not attending directly the meeting should be sent by email to the organizer within the April 25