05 aprile 2006

French Students Statement by PCm-I

Rebellion is justified!
student youth / proletarian youth from the banlieues united in the struggle!
Down the government of De Villepin, down all the imperialist governments, their police State, end modern fascism

Il movimento studentesco nato nel cuore dell'Università della Sorbona, è stato di fatto acceso dallo sgombero violento attuato dallo Stato francese

This March in France a powerful movement of students filled the streets in Paris and the main towns of the country, marching against the CPE, the law that makes easier to sack young people at their first job and legalizes the workers' precariousness and the consistent employers' blackmail, as part of a general attack of the bourgeoisie against the conditions of life of the proletarians and the peopleís masses to improve the profits of the owners in the world inter-imperialistic economical, political, geo-strategic competition.

The movement of the students, born in the heart of the Sorbonne, has been indeed ignited by the violent assault against the occupied university launched by the French State.

The repression does not extinguish the rebellion but feeds it! Through occupied Universities, blockades in the stations and other communication ways, clashes with the police, the movement of the students put itself at the centre of the clash against the De Villepinís government and called to struggle the people's masses.
The uprising of the proletarian youth in the banlieues in the last October/November, that shook the France and compelled the French imperialist State to show its real face and actual project -- a police State and a modern fascism -- had also an influence in the outbreak of the studentsí movement.

The spirit and the ideas of rebellion could not but remain under the skin of the French society and call the whole youth to upraise as soon as an occasion was given.
In France, the modern fascism and the police State "seeded wind and collected storm".
The movement of the student faces not only the cudgel of the State repression but also the sweetened bullets of the "mediations and concessions" whose supporters and megaphones are the agents of the state inside the movement, and particularly the reformist left, from the socialists to the Trotskyites, and the bureaucrats of the official unions.

The proletarian youth from the banlieues, tough lacking organization, project and program, comes once more on to the field, sometimes inside, sometimes aside, sometimes against a few trend in the mass movement of the students, while the black dogs of the reaction bark and seek to suppress them as casseurs to prevent the proletarian youth does infect the student youth and turns the current movement into something of the same sign of the French May 68.

The precariousness and the unemployment, to contrast which the student youth struggle against came on to the fled, already a time before hit the proletarian youth and whole proletariat, but the student movement feeds the general turmoil and move on a field in which the clash is between the classes, because the CPE law is against the whole proletariat and it is a weapon of the class war of the imperialist bourgeoisie against the struggle to defend the class interests of the proletarians.

The student movement and its more radical and militant expressions, face not only the troops of Sarkozy, but also the security teams of the official unions.

This makes more urgent the need to give a class and revolutionary direction to the student movement but also to build a class and militant base organization of the workers. This question has been ever raised in France, but not yet really handled, because of the opportunist line of groups claiming to be revolutionary and communist and because of the pernicious influence of the petty bourgeois revolutionarism that disdains the class and militant organization of the worker as driving belt and necessary tool to direct the economic struggle in function of the struggle to seize the power.

The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists in the imperialist countries, the Partito Comunista maoista -Italia today look at the events in France as an opportunity to focus the development of the proletarian revolution and to realize its first stage, the plan to construct a genuine communist party in the fire of the class struggle and closely linked with the masses.

This drove us to promote and support the international meeting organised by the Italian and French Marxist-Leninist-Maoist magazines La Nuova Bandiera and Le Drapeau Rouge supported by the Italian Maoist youth organization Red Block and the Secours Rouge - France.

It twill take place the April 29-30 and we call the vanguard proletarians and students to participate.

From the proletarian uprising in the banlieues to the proletarian leadership in the students' people's movement, to establish and to give a new beginning of the road of the people's war in the imperialist countries.

For a new great wave of the world proletarian revolution in Europe and all around the world!

Partito Comunista maoista - Italia 4th of April 2006