17 luglio 2003



we denounce the ROL group PCE and this comunicate
(Partido Comunista maoista) Pcm Italy

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Data: Mar,15 lug 2003 14/46

Comrades in the "PCE" - Spain. I have just read your posting and this last sentence:
"The Communist Party of the Peru reaffirms its position of defense of the President's Headquarters Gonzalo and of fighting for the political solution to the derived problems of the war."

Are you sure that this 'PCP' Statement isn't from the R.O.L. (Right Opportunist Line)?

--- In MAOIST_GUNS@yahoogroups.com, "PCE" wrote:
Proletarians of all countries, unite!
To the national and international public opinion:

In the last months a peak of the popular fight has been unwrapped against the hunger, the unemployment, the reduction of wages, the sinking of the agriculture and the pauperization of the peasant product of the government's neoliberal politics. He/she had a higher point with the fight of the teachers with which converged the fight of the peasants and regional unemployments, blockades, etc. The reactionary government from Toledo proimperialista and representative of the great bourgeoisie responded with a repressive exit declaring the emergency state and taking out the FF. AA. to repress to the town what implied a turn in the political situation, deepening the government's crisis, making worse the contradictions and wars between the factions and sectors of the great bourgeoisie around how to continue applying their economic politics and it reforms of the State.

In that mark, the Commission of the Truth and Reconciliation carries out the public audience on balance and perspective and previously it emitted its opinion recognizing the condition of political party of the PCP. Before that which the most recalcitrant sectors in the Peruvian reaction orchestrated a black campaign against the President Gonzalo, the Communist Party of the Peru and the prisoners of war, with the objective of maintaining the impunity of the political genocidist of the Peruvian State, mainly of Fujimori and García Pérez, and to use the reinforcement "rebrote of the terrorism" to generate social alarm and to impose in their conflict of factions to the most conservative, propugnando again an open dictatorship as that of Fujimori, to continue with a police State of more reaccionarización, sweeping the bourgeois democracy to repress to the town and all the democratic sectors as we already live in the 90; and, in the specific thing: to persist in the violation of fundamental rights and to demand a bigger restriction and absolute isolation of the President Gonzalo and to take restrictive measures with the other political prisoners and prisoners of war.

This is a campaign sicosocial to the purest style in the mounted ones for Fujimori, using and magnifying until the sidereal space the action of Techint, inflating propaganda actions and inventing other to lift a curtain of smoke of the supposition "rebrote of the terrorism" presenting it as "the first and serious problem, the resurgence of CO.LTD.", using the derived problems of the war once again for their conflicts and wars for the power and to press so that the political contrasubversiva applied in the 90 is imposed again, besides to demand the impunity and to continue thriving of the war, for that reason they demand bigger budget, weapons and they want to continue using to those "you are about peasants" as canyon meat and social base for political clientelaje.

That this it is a campaign sicosocial they prove it among other the following facts:

The action in Techint that impute to the Communist Party of the Peru, that which we reject, has been magnified and used to put it as "I begin" of a supposed one "Military Offensive of Path". Then, the 20/06/2003, the explosion of a truck that transported dynamite in The Freedom was presented in big regular as "presumably subversive action", however, the 21 in interior pages say that it was "I assault of common criminals"; then, the death of an end attributes it to supposed action of the PCP when it is an internal problem in investigation; to what the Apra sinks inventing a supposition attack of members of the Communist Party from the Peru to the President of the region The Freedom in Huanuco, that that finally it was denied and it was clear that had been an assault of common criminals. Also mayors and heads of beats request bigger budget supposed arguyendo "you intrude" or "assaults to police positions" for that nobody vió for that you/they never existed and however they occupy big regular in some means of information, and the supposition "new attack" in Techint, July 4, it was being the shot of the trap of a hunter. All that demonstrates the use of practical reactionary of the lie, the bluff, the deceit and the politics of "he/she lies, he/she lies that something is."

This black campaign this inside the politics of the call "world war against the terrorism" whose capitoste is the great genocidist Bush that in function of the plan Colombia and its geopolitical interests in Latin America, one of whose components are the antidrug politics, looks for again to put a military base in the Peru, for that which you/they lift the imputation again of "narcoterrorismo" and in spite of the divergences among the Department of Defense that considers that "CO.LTD. is an active and current threat" because "it represents an immediate danger" as long as for the Department of State "it is still a governable situation", however both coincide in demanding immediate measures to the government conditioning with their calls "you help" to the "eradication of the coca", "it defeats of the terrorism" and the impunity for their actions genocidists.

As tip of lance of this campaign he/she has come as imperial correspondent of Bush the Fascist Hernando of Grove, direct agent of the yank imperialism and creator of the "doctrine Fujimori", to defend it and to promote a new dictatorship open of negation of all the fundamental, economic and social rights and of wide freedom to despoil to the town inside the neoliberal politics of the imperialism using the call "rebrote" for their conflicts and wars of groups in the power and it magnifies it to shout a bigger restriction of the prison conditions of the political prisoners and prisoners of war inside the imperialistic politics of the revolutionaries' extermination, mainly of the communists, and with the prepotency that characterizes it it presses to the Commission of the Truth demanding him that it changes their report to defend the impunity of the political genocidist of the Peruvian State proclaiming the hate and the vengeance against the national reconciliation.

To the sinister orchestration of this campaign in the political genocidist's of the Peruvian State defense have converged who have direct interest in continuing thriving of the derived problems of the internal war as the General Benedicto Jiménez who imputed that "Abimael Guzmán directed from the Naval Base, through family and lawyers" and in its feeble hate to the President Gonzalo has ended up threatening him directly shouting: "The biggest threat in the country is Abimael Guzmán and not the terrorist remainders that don't possess ideology". The General Marco Miyashiro to request bigger budget declares: "The subversive ones seek to accuse to the political genocidist's State", it attacks to the Commission of the Truth of "to give tribune to Shining path" and it imputes to family and the prisoners' lawyers of being "transmission belts between the Naval Base and the prisons". Then the drudge self-named careerist jumped to the palaestra "senderólogo" Raúl González who worked closely with the DINCOTE, to throw the feverish imputation that "the President Gonzalo has directed the action of Techint from the Naval Base" and it clamors for "special laws" to sweep to blood and fire with genocide the areas in those that it is still armed action; and in their opposition to the Commission of the Truth puts it of military target but in artful form it imputes to the PCP of "to put in the aim to the CVR", what we reject tajantemente. As always the archireaccionario congress member Rafael King, conspicuous member of the sect of the Opus Dei, squire of Fujimori requests "to License to the Commission of the Truth" and loudly it clamors impunity for the genocidists and more repression for the town and demand adults deterrents and restrictions of the prison conditions of the prisoners of war, demanding to return to the isolation régime and infringing systematic annihilation of fundamental rights applied during 10 years by the dictatorship of Fujimori, seeking that in the Peru the ignominious conditions are implemented that his master applies Bush in Guantánamo.

The spokesmen of this campaign hide on purpose that today the Communist Party of the low Peru the President's headquarters Gonzalo is unwrapped in fight politics and in infamous form and coward they impute to the President Gonzalo of "to direct Techint" and the supposed one "military offensive", knowingly that has been denied the expression right and opinion more than for 10 years, preventing him to respond directly to this whole black campaign. And in spite of the fact that it is under isolation conditions and without visits they clamor for a "bigger isolation and bigger restrictions", enarbolando the violation of the fundamental rights arrives to the end of criticizing that the Peru is adjusted to the international standards. There it is clear that what you/they look for is that you continues the line political genocidist of the Peruvian State.

For that reason who are behind this campaign they are the genocidist Fujimori, responsible for hurt humanity's crimes like Cantuta, High Neighborhoods, peasants' of the disappearances Santa, prisoners' of Big Song genocide the 92, of bombings and devastation of towns and the Huallaga and Ayacucho, among other, and today with cynicism without limits, it leaves from the Japan to defend the political genocidist of the Peruvian State that took ahead during the 10 years of dictatorship genocidist and he/she sells homeland, and like part of this the legislation unconstitutional antisubversiva that gave during their facto régime, attributing that their derogatory one partly has given place to that "the terrorism has been a threat again", looking for to be leveled the road, dreaming to return to the power, as well as yesterday it used the combat to the popular war to be perpetuated in the power and to fill its corrupt arks. And the genocidist García Pérez is one of those that more has raked the black campaign ending up affirming that "the first and serious problem is the resurgence of Shining path" to use it like instrument of its wars for the power to get up as gonfalonero of a crusade against a war that is no longer danger for the State, trafficking with a derived problem of the war, propugnando to finish to blood and fire with the groups that are in weapons with the same political antisubversiva that he applied in its government causing 9.660 deads, missing, common graves, devastation of whole towns as Accomarca, Pomatambo, Umaru, Bellavista, Llocllapampa, multiple genocides like that of Cayara in which you/they murdered all the witness to maintain its impunity; as well as the loathsome genocide of The Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao in which ordered to murder in only one day to 300 political prisoners who today, as the character of the history, they continue winning battles beyond the death and whose belligerent blood gets up to accuse him once again of so disastrous crime of the one that cowardly he/she refuses to respond and on the contrary it schemes to be unpunished in the new investigation and applying the same fallacy with which sought to justify the extermination of the prisoners of war in June of 1986, accusing them falsely that "from the jail he/she goes", today it uses the Commission of Defense of the Congress measured propugnando of reprisal and political vengeance against the President Gonzalo and the other political prisoners.

We reject and we condemn this black reactionary campaign against the President Gonzalo, the Communist Party of the Peru and the prisoners of war, and we alert to the public opinion that is not allowed to surprise for this black campaign of dark political interests that looks for to deviate to the town of their road and to impede the development of the popular wave to defend and to conquer their rights and democratic freedoms.

The Communist Party of the Peru reaffirms its position of defense of the President's Headquarters Gonzalo and of fighting for the political solution to the derived problems of the war.

Peru, July of the 2003


At domenica, 21 agosto, 2005, Blogger ... said...

The text in italics is not by PCm! PCm is replying to it with only the one sentence at the top.

The first/bottom message is posted by Communist Party of Spain (bandera-roja.com), putting a flyer signed "Communist Party of Peru" but which is really by a faction & not whole party or central committee, which in opinion of PCm is the right-opportunist faction.

"Poblachtach Dearg" is a Maoist individual in the UK.


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