31 maggio 2003

Italy: actions in support of People's War in Nepal

The 29 of May, a protest in support of the people's War in Nepal and against the "pax americana" took place in Ravenna, Italy.

The protest was organized by the proletari comunisti (communist proletarians) and the Comitati Solidarietà Nepal (Nepal Solidarity Committees).

Activists of such organizations, together with other people from democratic and progressive parties and forces, rallied in front of the Halliburton factory in Ravenna (company owned by the US Vice-President Dick Cheney).

There they put banners on the gates of the factory and had a speech exposing the imperialists, their global war and fake "peace" and the labelling the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the people's war it leads as "terrorist".

At the end of the protest, the protesters burned a stars and stripes flag.

This action was part of a national mobilization day in support of the people's war in Nepal called by the Comitati Solidarietà Nepal and the proletari comunisti organization.

As part of this mobilization day, meetings and other initiatives have been organized in Torino, Milano, Trento, Taranto and Palermo.

In these meetings has been presented "Nepal - Guerra Popolare" (Nepal - People's War) the new national-spread information sheet published by the Comitati solidarietà Nepal.

You find attached the heading and picture about the action in Ravenna issued by the main local newspaper.