01 maggio 2002

A Beaming May First

In this May First, proletarians and peoples are intensifying their struggle across the world to oppose the world’s imperialism and reaction the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution.

We salute the Palestine people and its untameable resistance against the nazi-style genocide aggression of Zionist Israeli state supported by US imperialists; we particularly salute all the fighters of the Intifada, who give their lives to hit the Zionist enemy.

We salute the proletarian and people’s masses of Argentine that rise against the poverty-monger and reactionary governments, servants of the IMF.

We salute the political prisoners in Turkey, who persist with unyielding revolutionary and communist faith in their heroic struggle, supported by the people’s masses and the fighters for the people’s war and against the Turkish fascist regime.

We salute all the peoples who all-around the world resist against the imperialist aggression and the infinite crusade headed by US imperialists, from the Latin American to Asia, from Colombia to Afghanistan, to Philippines. We salute all the people struggles in the oppressed countries, all the increasing proletarian and anti-imperialist globalisation struggles in the imperialist countries, that irrefutably show that the revolution is the main tendency today in the world.

Hardly hit, the US headed world imperialism reacts, externally, intensifying its aggression wars against the peoples and, internally, making its states more and more dictatorial and fascistising, with the vain hope to stop the course of the history and to give us a world of barbarity and genocides.

But as the Millennium Resolution, signed by the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement the May First 2000, loudly shouted, the new century that begins is "the century of the victory of the People’s War for the communism". And facts and actions of our Movement followed its words.

In Peru, the Peru Communist Party, the Red Light of the affirming the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the way of the People’s War until Communism, has continued its march, leaded by the thought of the Chairman Gonzalo. All the manoeuvres of the Peruvian regime, of the principally Yankee imperialism, of the reformism and opportunism in all their forms, aimed to sponge the continuing People’s War and our red Flag shining on the Andes out of the Peru reality and the world stage, have been useless.

From the top of the Himalayas, the People’s War leaded by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) brought the torch of the revolution in the Asian scene. With an overwhelming development, after six years, it shows on the horizon the seizure of political power and the birth of the People Republic of Nepal. Neither the emergency state, nor the intervention of the expansionist Indian regime, nor the increasing pressures for a direct intervention of the US imperialism, will stop the strength of the women and men fighting for the People’s War in Nepal.

From the Himalayas the "spectre" of the "Maoist war" reaches the entire world and it already helps to unite and strengthen all the revolutionary struggles in South Asia.

The growing activity of forming up and rebuilding new Maoist parties, those prepare new people’s wars, joins the development of the people’s war in the countries oppressed by the imperialism. We salute the formation of the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist). We salute the developing communist movement in India. We salute the Communist Party of Afghanistan.

The imperialism and its governments try to overcome their crisis bringing the war to the four corner of the world, but the war "backs home" and the gravediggers of the imperialism are inside itself.

From Seattle to Genoa a movement challenging the mighty ones of the earth develops more and more broadly, militantly and widely.

Against the police fierceness, that made the first martyrs, Carlo Giuliani in Italy, grows the resistance that will not cease to threaten the next Summits, even in the Canadian mountains or in the Danish fortresses.

The "forbidden areas" to which imperialism confines its own bosses feed the rebellion and train for the revolution!

The struggle of the rebel youth in the imperialist citadels announced a new wave of workers and proletarian struggles. A great movement of strikes against the anti-popular and anti-workers policies of the imperialist governments shows, also in the imperialist countries, the entry in political life and in the clash of revolution and counter-revolution of the only definitively revolutionary class.

This objectively produces new and more favourable conditions for the revolution in the imperialist citadels and stimulates and helps the first stage of this process: the forming up and rebuilding genuine revolutionary proletarian Parties, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties.

In Italy, the new imperialist government, the "three-headed monster" Berlusconi-Fini-Bossi, with the major repression in Genoa initiated its march toward a modern fascism, a regime of open capitalistic dictatorship. But the stone they lifted fell back on to their feet … and from the July 2001 of Genoa up to the first of May 2002, millions of people are uniting in struggle and marching in the street, joining a gigantic mass movement, centred on the great strikes of the working class.

Even if this movement has born as resistance against the freedom of dismissing, the precariousness, the racist anti-immigration laws, the modern fascism, the attacks against the justice and information systems, the participation in the infinite war of Bush, it is a great proletarian offensive, it shakes the governments and the state institutions, it helps the reorganizing from the low the working masses inthe Cobas, it develops the students movement and the antifascist, democratic and anti-imperialist struggle.

It is in the fire of this class struggle, strictly linked with this mass movement – fighting the electoral revisionism, the anarchist-syndicalism and the petit-bourgeois revolutionaries and terrorism – that the building of the Maoist Communist Party advances in Italy, as part of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and serving the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution.

In this sense, for our country, this is a Beaming May First!

  • Death to the imperialism, principally Yankee!
  • Free Palestine, Red Palestine!
  • Support the struggle of the oppressed peoples targeted by the Bush’s infinite war!
  • Defend the live of Chairman Gonzalo, support the People’s War in Peru!
  • Long live the People’s War in Nepal! Emergency state, NO! Imperialist intervention, NO!
  • Long live the heroic struggle of the Turkish political prisoners!
  • Long live the new Communist Parties, unite in the RIM!
  • Develop and transform in a revolutionary sense the powerful struggle movement of the proletarians and people masses in Italy against the Berlusconi’s government!
  • Long lives the building of the Maoist Communist Party in Italy!
  • Long live the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
  • Long live the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!
  • Long live the red and proletarian May First!
  • People’s War Until Communism!

First of May 2002