01 aprile 2001

The New Begin In Italy!

In the towns of the South of Italy, from Palermo to Taranto, under the guide of the maoist Communist Party, and in Napoli, masses of unemployed, precarious workers and nuclei of workers - organized by the CO.BAS; women collectives - organized by the Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement; and young people - amongst whose ranks the Union of Young Maoists is rising; give life to a prolonged popular riot (assaults and takeover of district and municipal buildings, street blockades, strikes and demonstration, in a number of cases prolonged clashes with the police take place).

In several towns of the North, the PCm organizes meeting in support of the people's war in Nepal and Peru, demonstration of solidarity with the Turkish political prisoners - through the 19th of June Committee; plays his vanguard role in the demonstrations and attacks against the new nazis of Forza Nuova and other reactionary forces, call workers to strike, organized by the CO.BAS.

Hundreds of proletarians are integrated in the Party trough the local and national Proletarian Meeting for the Party.

Amidst the fire of the class struggle and strictly linked to the masses, the Party is built with the perspective of the strategy of people's war applied on the concrete reality of our country. In the proletarian ranks, in the struggle and with the struggle, the revisionist and reformist party (and its allied trotskists) is opposed and expelled; the criticism of the centre opportunism and of the petit-bourgeois revolutionarists is developed, the communist cadres and a recognised leadership are forged.

The bourgeoisie and the forces of its state set up police inquiries, charge and hold our comrades and leaders, they aim to charge us with crimes and to destroy us, but they cannot. The struggling masses are our sheltering belt.

On the contrary, the false communists and the political parasites oppose the birth and the develop of the Party: particularly a group of new-revisionist petit-bourgeois intellectuals, variously named (Carc-nPCI-Resistenza-Rapporti Sociali-la Voce) and publishing many Plechanov-style issues, they are well-known by the bourgeoisie and used by its press to defame and to make a laughing stock of the genuine communists.

Not only this "underground" for the masses group opposes the New Begin and the birth and develop of the maoist Communist Party, they also desert the proletarian revolutionary struggle, in its various forms, and rather call for a "front for the rebuilding of the Communist Party" that will participate to the elections. They claim that it is through the elections that they link themselves to masses. No revolutionary communist organisation or comrade could be mistaken about the revisionist character of this group.