01 aprile 1999

Against the US-NATO Imperialist Aggression in Serbia!

Excerpt from Rossoperaio, organ of the RedWorker Communist Organisation of Italy, April 1999

The article endorses a national demonstration on 17 April and reports on militant protests throughout Italy against the NATO bases in Pisignano (Cervia) and San Damiano (Piacenza), as well as in Genova, Bergamo, Puglia and Palermo.

NATO is now carrying out a Nazi-type criminal bombardment of Serbia and its present region of Kosovo. The workers and all the people have become the target of a rain of imperialist bombs and missiles, sowing death and destruction, in an attempt to impose terror and resignation....

A position that attempts to equate NATO's war of aggression and the Milosevic regime's responsibility in the ethnic war now going on, that puts aggressor and victim on the same level in this particular NATO war, may appear "even-handed". But in fact this supports the arguments behind NATO's imperialist aggression, and thus such a position cannot struggle consistently against this imperialist war [this is the position of a number of parties and forces in Italy]....

Italy's role in all this is to serve as an enormous aircraft carrier for NATO as a whole and for Italian imperialism, following in the footsteps of Mussolini in seeking to capture particular protectorates and economic/political/military spheres of influence, first of all in Albania.

The D'Alema [current prime minister] government is dragging the country to war and fomenting an imperialist, militarist, nationalist and racist culture, using as its transmission belt the social-chauvinists and social-imperialists of the official trade unions and associations, which are the communications channels between these parties and the masses. This is closely linked to the growing militarisation of social conflicts and the repression unleashed against the unemployed, workers, immigrants, temporary workers and students....

The D'Alema government is not leftist, as it claims, but rightist, even though it is a newcomer to the direct management of the political power of the ruling class, a reincarnation and further development of the longstanding history of the reactionary and warmongering nature of the social-democrats, of reformism and revisionism, throughout this century.

Against the US-NATO Imperialist Aggression in Serbia!
Against the Rule of Italian Imperialism in this war!
For a revolutionary, proletarian, anti-imperialist mobilisation!