08 ottobre 2001

Against Imperialist "Global War" -- People's War Until Communism!

US imperialism, world cop and number one enemy of oppressed peoples around the world, has been hit in the symbolic heart of its economic and military might and of its way of life.

The myth of its absolute might and untouchability, the myth of its intelligence, anti-subversion and repression organs – the CIA and FBI – have suffered a strike unprecedented in their recent imperial history.

Setting aside the official statements of governments, regimes, representatives of official movements and organizations in the oppressed countries, and apart from the human sympathy for the many innocent and unarmed victims in the World Trade Center, it is obvious that all over the world oppressed peoples have expressed their joy at having finally seen the beast being wounded, having all their lives witnessed an incomparable number of victims of wars, repression and oppression caused by decades of direct and indirect US actions: from Palestine to Latin America, from Asia to Africa, millions of children killed by bombs and sanctions in Iraq, in the Balkans, in the Middle East, not to mention people dying of starvation, disease and oppression everywhere the US and Western imperialists rule.

We, as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists, as vanguard proletarians, share the feelings of the oppressed peoples. We shall never hesitate about which side to stand on, and we strongly proclaim, "Down with US imperialism!" "It reaps what it sows!"


The wounded US beast identifies itself – in an awful, chauvinistic, xenophobic and racist way – as the cradle of civilization and democracy. The US proclaims its symbols and cities to be untouchable, almost sacred. In order to assert their rule once again, they are cynically using the grief and anger of the American people for their victims in order to unleash, through the bombing of Afghanistan and their global war against so-called "terrorism", a war and a crusade against all the oppressed peoples, all those who are fighting for liberation, and all the nations not aligned with them. By means of their weaponry and violence they aim to impose their iron rule in the service of profit and the masters of finance and industry, the oil barons and warlords. All the imperialist states, whether guided by rightist or "leftist" governments, have joined this imperialist, war-mongering, fascist crusade.

The US has always waged low intensity warfare, and now they want to do this in an unprecedented way and to have it recognized as the legitimate self-defence of "Western civilization".

The men who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who waged war on Vietnam, Iraq and Yugoslavia, killing millions of people, those who slaughtered 500,000 communists in Indonesia, who plotted coups like that in Chile, who created death squads in Guatemala and other countries, who have placed CIA-marked bombs in the cities of their own allies to shore up pro-US governments, those who have backed, armed and financed the daily massacre of Palestinians by the Israeli Zionists, now more than ever want to continue doing so. In the name of the struggle against "terrorism" they want to impose IMPERALIST TERROR.


The authors of the 11th September attacks, be they Osama Bin Laden or someone else, are an expression of feudal lords, created, nurtured, financed and armed with anti-communist and anti-progressive tasks by the same imperialists they claim to fight. In the absence or weakness of genuine communist parties and anti-imperialist united fronts led by the proletariat, they are riding the tiger of the rebellion of the people, particularly in the Arab-Muslim countries. They represent fractions of comprador ruling classes who already live by exploiting their own people and underselling their resources, and, where they are in power, they set up obscurantist and reactionary regimes like in Afghanistan, Iran and generally in the Arab-Muslim countries. Where these forces are in power, the masses are oppressed and economic power is in the hands of the imperialists. The form of struggle they use, including in this case, even though it may produce devastation, will never help to strengthen the liberation war of the people or the unity between the oppressed peoples and the proletarians and the exploited, that is, the only winning global weapon against imperialism.


All the Western imperialist countries, as well as Japan, Russia and China, have declared their receptivity to this war, but behind this unanimous face there is fierce competition for economic, geo-strategic, commercial and financial interests, there is competition for control of raw materials, oil, etc. These interests, in the medium and long term, will not be sacrificed to the US. The imperialists are united in the same crusade against the peoples of the world, but deeply divided amongst themselves, and this strategically undermines their "fire power". Furthermore, the internal costs and consequences of this global war could and will become more and more explosive for the imperialist countries.

The Holy War of Mr. Bush is global imperialist aggression that, while seemingly targeted on "Islamic terrorism" and "rogue states", is really against people's wars, anti-imperialist armed struggles, the uprising of the Arab-Palestine-Muslim people who still lack the red, proletarian leadership that would lead them to victory, and against any government not aligned with imperialist rule. They are launching global war to suffocate the aspirations of the oppressed peoples and countries.


Within the Western imperialist countries, the Holy War is bringing about a war state, a police state, modern institutional fascism and nazism based on racial defence of the values and way of life built up on the hunger of most of humanity. They need a police state to make war against the anti-globalisation mass movements in which – from Seattle to Genoa – a new generation is entering the field of struggle, challenging the interests of the masters of the world, of the warlords and their values and way of life, the "civilisation" worshipped by Bush and Berlusconi. They need a war state to make war against the proletarians and oppressed masses in the metropolitan heartlands, the Afro-Americans, Hispanic, Turkish, Arab, Asian and African immigrants who, through riots and resistance – from the USA to the United Kingdom, France, etc – are resisting exploitation, discrimination, racism and slavery.

Of course the imperialists seem to enjoy the consensus gained through their "big brother" media, and they can profit from the "September 11 effect", but how much?

While they say they are defending "safety", "freedom", and "civilisation", they impose crisis, recession, and military costs on the livelihood of the proletarians and the poor – of whom there are already an enormous number even in the imperialist countries, hidden by the many sparkling WTCs – and at the same time they reduce and eliminate long-time established democratic freedoms and individual and collective rights, making the daily life of the masses more barbaric than ever.


Peoples can respond to this Holy War only by stepping up their struggle to defend their lives and their aspirations for national and social self-determination. The reactionary and puppet regimes will be the first ones to pay, thus confirming that the principal contradiction in the world today is between imperialism and the oppressed peoples, and within that the wind of revolution is the main trend. Imperialism is a paper tiger, a giant with feet of clay – these same September 11th events confirmed this truth, though in a distorted way, and peoples' struggle must be put in the forefront to show this on the field in every country, both those that are already in "the eye of the hurricane", and the those that will enter it soon.

To the imperialist global war we must reply by advancing global people's war, applied in different and distinct ways according to the kind of country – imperialist or oppressed – until the victory of the proletarians and the people, and the achievement of a world without imperialism and war: Communism.





Partito Comunista maoista - Italia (Maoist Communist Party - Italy)
8 October 2001